Market Cap
$ 1.24T
24h Spot Volume
$ 31.96B
BTC Dominance
8 Gwei

Near Protocol

NEAR is a decentralized application platform which is built atop the NEAR Protocol, a revolutionary public proof-of-stake blockchain.

Near Protocol Price

$ 5.940.42


High / Low

High:$ 6.09

Low:$ 5.71


Near Protocol Market Cap

$ 4,502,717,836 
Ƀ 183,011
FDMC: $ 5,942,064,703 
ATH: $ 15,527,218,080 

24h Trade Volume

$ 177,411,490 
Ƀ 7,211
NEAR 29,856,876


NEAR 757,769,910(75.78%)
NEAR 1,000,000,000
NEAR 1,000,000,000

All-Time-High (ATH) Price

$ 20.49 (16 Jan 2022)
Ƀ 0.000479 (14 Jan 2022)
ETH 0.00629 (14 Jan 2022)
From ATH: -71%
To ATH: +244.8%

Near Protocol Live Chart

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The Near Protocol to USD chart is designed for users to instantly see the changes that occur on the market and predicts what will come next.

NEAR to USD Converter


Near Protocol Quarterly Returns (USD)


Near Protocol Closing Price (USD) - Quarterly

2022$ 13.29$ 3.34--
2021$ 6.01$ 2.08$ 6.91$ 14.63
2020---$ 1.40

Near Protocol Monthly Returns (USD)


NEAR - USD Price Change

PeriodChangeChange (%)HighLow
24H$ 0.025+0.42%$ 6.09$ 5.71
7D$ 0.854+16.8%$ 6.09$ 4.84
14D$ 1.46+32.5%$ 6.09$ 4.06
1M$ 2.64+80.1%$ 6.09$ 3.23
3M-$ 0.834-12.3%$ 7.46$ 2.91
6M-$ 4.85-44.9%$ 19.67$ 2.91
YTD-$ 8.69-59.4%$ 20.49$ 2.91
1Y$ 2.53+74.1%$ 20.49$ 2.91

Near Protocol Annual Price (USD)

2022-59.4%$ 20.49$ 2.91
2021+950.1%$ 16.32$ 1.30
2020-36%$ 2.37$ 0.527

Near Protocol Live Info Today

Near Protocol's current price is $ 5.94, it has increased +0.42% over the past 24 hours.

Near Protocol's All Time High (ATH) of $ 20.49 was reached on 16 Jan 2022, and is currently -71% down.

The current circulating supply of Near Protocol is 757.77 Million tokens, and the maximum supply of Near Protocol is 1.00 Billion.

Near Protocol’s 24 hour trading volume is $ 177.41 Million.

Near Protocol's current share of the entire cryptocurrency market is 0.36%, with a market capitalization of $ 4.50 Billions.

You can find more details about Near Protocol on its official website and on the block explorer.

What is Near Protocol

NEAR Protocol is a decentralized application platform. It was created with the aim of being a community-run cloud computing platform with a focus on developer-usability and user-friendliness. The platform uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism and sharding technology in an attempt to solve blockchain problems related to scalability. Its native NEAR tokens can be used to pay for transaction fees and storage on the Near platform.

What are NEAR key features and how does it work?

As mentioned, NEAR Protocol attempts to offer a solution to blockchain scalability issues. It does this using a unique solution, that is with the implementation of its sharding mechanism called Nightshade. Sharding works by splitting the network into smaller fragments, or shards. By doing this, the computational load on a node is reduced since a particular node is only required to run the code that is relevant to its shard. As such, shards can conduct computation in parallel with one another. Consensus is achieved via a Proof-of-Stake mechanism. With PoS, nodes must stake their NEAR tokens to be considered to become a validator. Alternatively, regular users can delegate their stake to validators of their choice. NEAR uses an auction system to choose validators every “epoch” (approximately every 12 hours), and validators who have larger stakes have more influence in the consensus process.

The NEAR token’s main function is for paying transaction fees or for being used as collateral when storing data on the blockchain. Various groups of NEAR platform stakeholders are also rewarded with NEAR tokens. For example, validators receive a NEAR token reward every epoch. Additionally, developers that create smart contracts receive a percentage of the transaction fees that their contracts generate. The remaining part of the transaction fee is burned, thus, increasing the scarcity of the NEAR token and helping to retain its value. 

NEAR Protocol is capable of supporting tokens that are “wrapped” from other chains in addition to NFTs. Likewise, NEAR has constructed a bridge with Ethereum, allowing users to transfer ERC-20 tokens from Ethereum to NEAR.

What can Near Protocol be used for?

Near has a number of use cases across a variety of sectors. Some prominent projects already developing on the platform include Flux, which is an open market protocol, Mintbase, a platform for NFT issuing and selling, as well as Paras, a marketplace targeting higher quality NFTs by selected artists.

Where can you buy NEAR?

Near can be bought from any of the CEXs and DEXs as listed here.

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