Market Cap
$ 2.52T
24h Spot Volume
$ 177.37B
BTC Dominance

Launchpads and IDO Platforms Ranked By Current and ATH ROI

RankNameCurrent ROIATH ROITGEsRaisedNum of Part.Volume (24h)Market Cap
1Polkastarter iconPolkastarter15.60x50.75x50$ 10.37M696$ 78.98M$ 1.64B
2DAO Maker iconDAO Maker19.49x48.27x27$ 14.17M294$ 186.05M$ 1.10B
3BSCPad iconBSCPad19.33x70.00x14$ 3.16M1633$ 11.96M$ 241.05M
4Ignition iconIgnition12.55x50.49x15$ 3.43M1106$ 12.78M$ 231.51M
5KickPAD iconKickPAD33.51x87.03x7$ 680.20K220$ 215.96M$ 158.42M
6DuckSTARTER iconDuckSTARTER3.21x24.57x28$ 3.77M966$ 50.99M$ 217.38M
7Bounce iconBounce14.36x48.04x9$ 317.50K231$ 36.19M$ 120.80M
8Poolz iconPoolz4.73x19.42x23$ 2.51M757$ 16.71M$ 179.14M
9ZENDIT iconZENDIT4.31x35.95x12$ 2.72M234$ 4.57M$ 63.42M
10ZeeDO iconZeeDO9.33x27.53x9$ 595.50K418$ 3.83M$ 70.13M
11WeStarter iconWeStarter8.35x30.83x6$ 312.50K308$ 33.97M$ 262.61M
13Polkabridge iconPolkabridge3.57x174.97x1$ 30.00K500$ 548.77K$ 6.25M
14CyberFi iconCyberFi3.13x16.34x5$ 1.28M704$ 703.78K$ 8.06M
15A2DAO iconA2DAO3.78x9.60x6$ 285.00K275$ 1.96M$ 3.63M
16TrustSwap iconTrustSwap2.79x17.78x3$ 258.13K189$ 378.57K$ 4.69M
17Lemonade iconLemonade8.38x45.94x1$ 300.00KN/A$ 1.51M$ 2.51M
18Gnosis iconGnosis2.58x5.15x2$ 4.50MN/A$ 9.53M$ 55.13M
19Launchpool iconLaunchpool2.44x11.04x1$ 100.00KN/A$ 314.86K$ 2.44M
20Yellow Road iconYellow Road0.63x3.27x2$ 190.00K352$ 999.12K$ 760.03K
Republic iconRepublicN/AN/A1$ 26.30MN/AN/AN/A

* The Rank is calculated as TGE Number weighted average ROI. In more detail, the rank is calculated as the ratio of the average ATH and Current ROI of all TGEs conducted on the particular platform to the total number of TGEs conducted on the fundraising platform.

The formula (∑ATH ROI + ∑Current ROI)*TGEsNUM/100

That way the more TGEs were conducted on the fundraising platform the more weight the performance of its particular IDO has.