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Why is Crypto Gaming Failing, and How to Fix It?

The mainstream opinion says that crypto will change gaming forever, and GameFi will bring a billion users to Web3. But the reality is harsher; still, there is no genuinely mainstream Web3 game where users come to play, not to make money, and stay for a while. Let's break down why this is the case and how soon that will change.
Mar, 26, 2024
10 min read
by CryptoRank

2022 Crypto Market Recap Pt. 1: Events That Moved The Market

In the first part of our annual recap, we will look at the main events that influenced the market.
Dec, 30, 2022
15 min read
by CryptoRank

The Rise and Fall of Play To Earn Games

Gaming is arguably one of the best things to have happened to blockchain over the past couple of years. Play to Earn games have attracted an enormous amount of users to crypto, introduced them to various decentralized applications, and managed to retain them (at least for a period of time). However, as so often happens, the eventual fall has been as dramatic as the rise.
Nov, 01, 2022
11 min read
by CryptoRank

Amidst Collapsing Markets Blockchain Gaming is on the Rise

Many opinion leaders view the current state of blockchain gaming as a dying trend. The problems associated with the economic models of certain games are forcing players and venture investors to sell their project tokens, and the current events in the market is only worsening the situation.
May, 29, 2022
1 min read
by CryptoRank

The Current Shape of GameFi Fundraising

GameFi Projects popularity has skyrocketed over the last year. This year the blockchain gaming sector is flourishing thanks to the rise in popularity among VC firms. Let's take a deep dive into recent high-volume gaming ecosystem fundraising rounds for more insights.
Feb, 16, 2022
4 min read
by CryptoRank