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$ 360.40B
24h Spot Volume
$ 10.45B
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Orbs [ORBS]
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Token: Ethereum
Blockchain infrastructure
$ 0.017
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Orbs is building a new infrastructure using blockchain virtualization & Randomized Proof-of-Stake (RPoS) to make blockchain scalability possible

Orbs ORBS ICO Review

ICO is ended: 1 May — 15 May 2018

ICO price

$ 0.100
Ξ 0.000142

ROI since ICO

USD: 0.17x  (-83.0%)
ETH: 0.31x  (-69.3%)


USD: 0.53x  (-47.1%)
ETH: 2.66x  (166.0%)

Private/Pre-sale is ended: 16 Apr — 30 Apr 2018

Private/Pre-sale price

$ 0.100
Ξ 0.000142

ROI since Private/Pre-sale

USD: 0.17x  (-83.0%)
ETH: 0.31x  (-69.3%)

ATH ROI since Private/Pre-sale

USD: 0.53x  (-47.1%)
ETH: 2.66x  (166.0%)

Orbs ICO was conducted from 1 May to 15 May 2018 by the project team from Israel.

The project raised $ 118,000,000 out of $ 133,000,000.

Private/Pre-sale investors were able to buy Orbs tokens at a price $ 0.100. They have got -82.96% losses from their investments.

Investments of the Orbs are now down about 0.00 percent.

At the $ 0.0529 ATH price on 30 Mar 2019 investors were able to sell this position with 0.53x ROI in USD.

The Orbs token is now trading at 0.17x in USD and 0.31x in ETH from the ICO price.

ICO token price was $ 0.100, Ξ 0.000142.


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Token economics

Total Hard Cap

$ 133,000,000

Total Raised

$ 118,000,000

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About ICO Orbs

Orbs is bringing consumer-scale to ethereum assets. Orbs is a public blockchain acting as the production layer to complement Ethereum. Adopting Orbs alongside Ethereum allows DApps to enjoy the best of both chains: unmatched security, liquidity and ecosystem integration, together with low-fees, production-ready scalability and a suitable fee structure. This combination of Ethereum + Orbs is the optimal solution for applications with millions of users looking to adopt blockchain, today. Orbs developed two groundbreaking technologies to make this possible: Virtual Chains and Randomised Proof of Stake. Virtual Chains are intelligent sharding and unlike current sharding solutions that randomly split traffic, virtual chains optimize (lane) usage by allocating one per app, while the Orbs rPOS consensus allows for the security and decentralization benefits of 1,000 nodes while enjoying the speed of 21 nodes.​ Orbs is a 60 person company working with projects like Kin by Kik, Zinc by ironSource.