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Fundraising PlatformsImpossible Finance

Impossible Finance Launchpad


Year Of Foundation:

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  • DeFi: 44.4%

  • GameFi: 27.8%

  • Blockchain Service: 11.1%

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NamePriceChg (24H)Market CapVolume (24h)ROIATH ROIRaise by...Total RaiseWhen
$ 1.18M
$ 2.18M
4 Apr 2023
$ 0.0887-6.15%$ 2.03M$ 298.28K0.59x2.42x
$ 388.00K
$ 8.66M
27 Mar 2023
$ 0.0272+0.09%$ 38.08K$ 9.01K0.14x3.64x
$ 228.00K
$ 278.00K
6 Feb 2023
$ 0.00477-3.06%$ 127.11K$ 1.04K0.48x5.37x
$ 450.00K
$ 450.00K
1 Nov 2022
$ 0.0588-2.82%$ 6.91M$ 69.28K0.9x3.16x
$ 715.00K
$ 5.40M
25 Jul 2022
$ 550.00K
$ 3.35M
13 Jun 2022
$ 300.00K
$ 2.94M
20 Apr 2022
$ 0.000269-0.7%$ 863.12K$ 65.71K0.05x4.74x
$ 500.00K
$ 16.51M
14 Apr 2022
$ 475.00K
$ 3.20M
11 Jan 2022
$ 1.25M
$ 1.45M
3 Jan 2022
$ 0.00191-10.4%$ 77.28K$ 14.34K0.04x22.18x
$ 325.00K
$ 325.00K
13 Dec 2021
$ 0.000941-8.37%$ 189.63K$ 438.92K0.03x127.09x
$ 324.00K
$ 4.04M
7 Dec 2021
$ 0.312+2.75%$ 5.64M$ 67.63K0.39x47.18x
$ 360.00K
$ 9.46M
16 Nov 2021
$ 150.00K
$ 1.44M
13 Oct 2021
$ 1.76-15.7%$ 21.69M$ 46.90M1.76x37.6x
$ 1.00M
$ 3.62M
27 Sep 2021
$ 0.0222-6.96%$ 554.88K$ 19.00K0.06x8.79x
$ 200.00K
$ 2.60M
14 Sep 2021
$ 0.00238N/A$ 111.74K$ 3.45K0.06x12.31x
$ 340.00K
$ 340.00K
30 Aug 2021
$ 0.0279-4.46%$ 19.47M$ 33.65K0.37x44.7x
$ 238.95K
$ 8.04M
17 Aug 2021
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About Impossible Finance Platform

1.Impossible Launchpad Format

The Launchpad is divided into 4 (5 with KYC for first-joiners) Periods:

  1. KYC Period
  2. Subscription Period
  3. Allocation Period
  4. Purchase Period
  5. Claim Period

KYC Period:

Users can KYC anytime during the entire IDO timeline, but will not be able to stake until their KYC is completed. This process requires that you hold at least 25 IF or 50 IDIA in your wallet.

If you already passed KYC on one wallet, you can use the SAME wallet on any future IDOs without having to pass KYC again.

Subscription Period:

First, you need to stake your IDIA Tokens to determine how much Allocation of the Token being sold you get to buy. We will monitor your IDIA Stake balance over a certain amount of days, variable according to each project/IDO.

The more & longer you stake, the more allocation you get, as explained below in Point 2.

Allocation Period:

Once the IDIA Token staking period is over, the smart contract will be calculating each user’s token allocation for a given amount of time, varying with each project.

Purchase Period:

Once the Subscription Period is over & your Allocation calculation is done, you will be able to purchase your Tokens using BUSD. This phase will last a limited amount of time so that people from different time zones do not need to stay up late, but do remember to purchase within the window!

Please be aware! If you do not purchase your Allocation during the Purchase Period, you automatically forfeit your allocation and will not be able to buy it afterward!

Claim Period:

Once the Purchase period has finished and the pool has been created, you can claim the tokens and proceed to transfer them to your wallet. The Claim Period has no end, you can Claim your tokens whenever you want.

Note that some IDOs are Airdropped, in which case there is no need to Claim the tokens. In this case, the tokens will be automatically transferred to your wallet if you have Purchased them during the Purchase Period.

2.How is Allocation calculated?

3 components are used in our Allocation Calculation:

  • User Weight = how much you stake + how long you stake -> The amount increases the value of your weight per minute of staking
  • Total Weight = Everyone’s summed Weight value
  • Sale Amount = How many tokens are we selling

So the whole Formula is:

Allocation = (User Weight / Total Weight) * Sale Amount

So, in other words:

If you stake 1 IDIA - per block (~3 seconds) your User Weight is being increased by 10.

Now, if you stake 2 IDIA - per block your User Weight is being increased by 20.

So, let's say you stake 1 IDIA for 10 blocks + 2 IDIA for 10 blocks, so, at Block 20 your User Weight will be 100 (10 blocks * 10 value) + 200 (10 blocks * 20 value) = 300 User Weight.

So, the more you stake AND the longer you stake the more User Weight you'll have!

3.Is there a minimum of IDIA that I need to stake?

No minimum IDIA is required for staking.

However, the allocation is proportional to each user's staking amount, the more time and amount that you stake, the more allocation you get, as explained in Point 2.