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$ 1.26T
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$ 26.25B
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33 Gwei
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Fundraising PlatformsKucoin Spotlight

Kucoin Spotlight Launchpad

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About Kucoin Spotlight Platform

How To Get Started With KuCoin Spotlight?

I. How to access the KuCoin Spotlight? 

Log in to your KuCoin account, click ‘Earn’ on top of the page, then click ‘Spotlight’.

Scroll through the page to see the list of available and completed projects.

II. How to participate in a new Spotlight project?

Let’s take Gari Network (GARI) as an example. On the KuCoin Spotlight page, you can see the in-progress project - GARI. Click the Gari Network (GARI) Spotlight banner to participate.

You can see the project information and Spotlight Token Sale details on this landing page. 

Make sure you meet the 3 criteria below to proceed: 

   A. Pass KYC2 (Advanced Verification); 

   B. Check the ‘Countries Not Supported’ list to confirm that you are not from a restricted country or region; 

   C. Read and agree to the ‘Purchase Agreement’.

Click ‘Token Sale Participation Rules’ to review the official announcement of the token sale on KuCoin Spotlight for all the details. 

Then click ‘Participate Now’ to join the Spotlight. When you see ‘Participated Successfully’, it means that you are successfully subscribed to this project’s token sale.

Please note that KuCoin will be taking a snapshot once a day of each participant’s KCS holdings during the Spotlight subscription period. From these snapshots, each user’s average KCS holdings will be determined. Only users who have an average daily KCS holding of at least 100 KCS or more during the subscription period will be qualified to the Spotlight.  

Hold KCS today to earn new tokens! 

III. Frequently Asked Questions on KuCoin Spotlight Subscription

1. How can I participate? How does the format work?

Step 1: Prepare your KCS 

Your final allocation of the new token is determined in proportion to your average daily KCS holdings during the subscription period. KuCoin will be taking a snapshot once a day of each participant’s KCS holdings. Participants who have an average holding of at least 100 KCS or more will be qualified for the Spotlight. So please check if you have enough KCS holdings before the subscription period. 

Step 2: Subscribe 

Complete the criteria for qualification, then click ‘Participate Now’ to join the Spotlight; 

Step 3: Commit your KCS 

Ensure you have at least 10 KCS in your KuCoin Trading Account before the deduction period; 

Step 4: KCS is deducted for Spotlight tokens 

Once the Spotlight subscription period is over, we will calculate each user’s token allocation. A portion of the KCS in your Trading Account will be deducted for the Spotlight tokens. Once the deduction is successful, you may check the amount of Spotlight token shares you received in your Main Account after the deduction period.  

Please note that the amount of Spotlight token shares you will receive is based on your average daily KCS holdings. 

2. KCS Holdings Calculation Mechanism

The shares received by the qualified users (Users must meet the minimum average daily KCS holdings): 

(User’s KCS holdings / Total KCS holdings of all participants) * Total Spotlight Allocation  

User’s KCS holdings = Sum of the KCS holdings of the following: 

Main Account * 100% 

Trading Account * 100%

KuCoin Earn Account (including locked and unlocked assets) * 100% 

To ensure a fair allocation for all participants, there will be a set hard cap for the token allocation per user. 

*Hard Cap is the maximum amount of Spotlight token each user can receive.  

Average daily KCS holdings: 

During the Spotlight subscription period, KuCoin will be randomly taking snapshots of each user's KCS holdings each day. Each user’s average daily KCS holdings from these snapshots will be determined.  

*Sub-accounts can’t participate in the token sale as an independent account. However, the KCS holdings in the Sub-accounts will be combined into the Master account for the calculation of the average daily KCS balance. 

3. Will my final allocation of the Spotlight token be determined by the time I click ‘Participate Now’?

Your final allocation of the Spotlight token will not be determined by the time you click ‘Participate Now’ on the Spotlight landing page. It will be determined only by your average daily KCS holdings (from the holding snapshots) during the subscription period. 

However, please ensure you click ‘Participate Now’ to join the Spotlight successfully within the subscription period. Otherwise, we can not collect your daily KCS holdings and calculate your Spotlight token allocation.