Market Cap$ 2.05T-0.39%
24h Spot Volume$ 42.72B-2.80%
BTC Dominance48.90%-0.21%
ETH Gas28 Gwei
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VeChain 3x Short ETF

VeChain 3x Short ETF VET3S Price N/A

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VET3S Price


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VET3S is a VeChain 3 times short leverage ETF traded on MXC Exchange

VeChain 3x Short ETF (VET3S) Chart

The VeChain 3x Short ETF to USD chart is designed for users to instantly see the changes that occur on the market and predicts what will come next.

Additional Data

Listing Date

13 Mar 2020

All Time High

$ 8.18

13 Mar 2020

All Time Low

$ 0.023

29 Dec 2020

VeChain 3x Short ETF Price Analysis

What is VeChain 3x Short ETF (VET3S)?

It is a product that tracks the yield rate of underlying assets with 3 times. Using BTC3L as an example, for every 1% BTC goes up in a day, BTC3L goes up 3%; for every 1% BTC goes down, BTC3L goes down 3%.

Leverage ETF is a perpetual product that has no settlement day. Theoretically, its price won''t totally reach zero, so it has no liquidation risks. Traders may buy/sell ETF at the secondary market at any time with no margin.

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