Market Cap
$ 1.33T
24h Spot Volume
$ 32.12B
BTC Dominance
51 Gwei


USDD is a decentralized algorithmic stablecoin running on the TRON blockchain

USDD Price

$ 0.999-0.07


High / Low

High:$ 1.00

Low:$ 0.999

USDD Market Cap

$ 543,381,619 
Ƀ 18,330
FDMC: $ 543,381,619 
ATH: $ 572,387,238 

24h Trade Volume

$ 102,354,851 
Ƀ 3,453
USDD 102,452,045


USDD 543,897,602

All-Time-High (ATH) Price

$ 1.05 (11 May 2022)
Ƀ 0.0000374 (12 May 2022)
ETH 0.000554 (12 May 2022)
From ATH: -5.07%
To ATH: +5.34%

USDD Live Chart

USDD price Index provides the latest USDD price in US Dollars , BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.

The USDD to USD chart is designed for users to instantly see the changes that occur on the market and predicts what will come next.

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USDD Live Info Today

USDD's current price is $ 0.999, it has dropped -0.07% over the past 24 hours.

USDD's All Time High (ATH) of $ 1.05 was reached on 11 May 2022, and is currently -5.07% down.

The maximum supply of USDD that will ever be issued is N/A tokens, and the current supply of USDD in circulation is 543.90 Millions tokens.

USDD’s 24 hour trading volume is $ 102.35 Millions.

USDD's current share of the entire cryptocurrency market is 0.04%, with a market capitalization of $ 543.38 Millions.

What is USDD

USDD is a decentralized algorithmic stablecoin running on the TRON blockchain. USDD resolves short-term price fluctuations and cyclical price risks with its responsive monetary policy and mintage mechanism:

  • First, the USDD stablecoin protocol decides which asset USDD should be pegged to because stability is relative, and pegging to a specific asset will meet the demand of more users.
  • Second, the USDD protocol runs on the TRON network. TRON is a decentralized network where the external market decides token prices. Therefore, an efficient and stable price feed mechanism is needed to ensure the smooth running of the stablecoin system.
  • Last but not least, the protocol should be equipped with the tools to regulate the market against any price deviation from the predetermined value to maintain the stability of the currency price.

The USDD protocol is committed to satisfying consumers' demand for stable digital currencies by allowing them to make electronic payments with USDD. To achieve this, the USDD protocol will be pegged to the USD - the most widely applied fiat currency in the world - to establish a stable, decentralized, and censor-resistant USDD-USD system. The USDD protocol will uncover the nature of currencies and bridge the gap between digital assets and their practical applications.

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