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Morpho MORPHO 

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Morpho is a decentralized lending protocol on Ethereum.

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Max Supply

MORPHO 1,000,000,000

Total Supply

MORPHO 1,000,000,000

What is Morpho?


Morpho is a decentralized lending protocol with different entities and individuals contributing to its development and adoption. As a result, the documentation refers to different areas of “Morpho” which are worth distinguishing.

  • The Morpho Protocol:
    A decentralized, noncustodial lending protocol implemented for the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The protocol had two main steps in its evolution with two independent versions: Morpho Optimizers and Morpho Blue.

  • The Morpho Interface:
    A web interface allowing easy interaction with the Morpho protocol. This interface is one of many ways to interact with the Morpho protocol. More details in the Morpho Interface section.

  • Morpho Governance:
    A governance system for governing the Morpho Protocol, enabled by the MORPHO token.

  • Morpho Labs:
    The company that developed the Morpho Protocol, Interface, and many developer tools.

  • Morpho Association:
    A France-registered association that regroups the main contributors like Morpho Labs to promote the development and the decentralization of the Morpho Protocol. The Morpho Association hosts the Morpho Interface.

Morpho Blue​

Morpho Blue is the most recent protocol version and is independent of Morpho Optimizers.

Morpho Blue is a simple lending primitive layer that allows the creation of immutable and efficient lending markets in a permissionless way.

The protocol comes with EVM smart contracts which facilitate interactions and integrations.

Morpho Optimizers​

The first version of the Morpho Protocol is named Morpho Optimizers. It is built on top of incumbent lending pools and improves the lending and borrowing rates of users with a peer-to-peer matching algorithm while preserving the same liquidity and risk parameters.

The three instances of Morpho Optimizers are:

  • Morpho AaveV3-ETH Optimizer,

  • Morpho AaveV2 Optimizer,

  • Morpho CompoundV2 Optimizer.

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