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Maison Capital is an incubator and launchpad, which provides all the necessary tools for easy and comfortable management of investments

Maison Capital (MSN) Chart

Maison Capital price Index provides the latest MSN price in US Dollars , BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.

Additional Data

Max Supply

MSN 10,000,000

Total Supply

MSN 10,000,000

Listing Date

5 Oct 2021

All Time High

$ 10.69

16 Oct 2021

All Time Low

$ 0.00...151

21 Jun 2022

What is Maison Capital (MSN)?

Maison Capital is an incubator and launchpad, which provides all the necessary tools for easy and comfortable management of your investments in the cryptocurrency market and creates favorable financing conditions for startups and safe for investors.

Your opportunities with Maison Capital:

  • The possibility of early investment in promising companies before they enter the market and the stock exchange. Without a minimum limit on the amount of investment
  • All Maison community members can influence company decisions related to the allocation of funds and profits, the direction of development, and other factors that determine the success of the community by voting
  • Investing in well-compiled by analysts indices consisting of high-yield DeFi and NFT. Everything is absolutely transparent for the investor, he can choose a portfolio from the available ones, see what assets are in it and their dynamics
  • Every $MSN holder can become a 'farmer by lending their coins as liquidity and receive rewards. Your pooling volume also determines your rank in Maison, access levels to IDO, and other tools
  • Vaults are aimed at investing in promising early-stage crypto-projects with the best conditions due to the availability of the full amount closing the investment round. Users create the fund they are interested in, decide where to invest, receive dividends corresponding to the amount of investment
  • Maison gives analysts the opportunity to create their own fund and attract ecosystem investors to it. In order to place their fund in the Maison vault, analysts need to be selected by showing a track record of performance. In the end, investors in such a fund can earn profits and analysts can earn commissions
  • Robotic systems are able to monitor the dynamics and indicators of the market with a much higher frequency than humans. Moreover, such systems are also able to automatically generate indexes and quickly redistribute funds to obtain stable profitability. Maison will provide its users with the opportunity to invest in such indexes.

Benefits of Maison Capital:

  • It is the community that is the heart of Maison Capital. Everyone's voice determines the development of the company because all members of the ecosystem are unique individuals who are new to the industry or experts with their own views and ideas
  • Maison Capital contributes to the development of the DeFi meta-universe by creating and incubating promising products for the decentralized crypto-space. Thanks to us, ambitious and market-driven products get a solid start, and our community members can invest early and profit
  • The $MSN token's smart contracts use deflationary mechanisms to ensure steady growth of the asset, as well as commission fees from each transaction to reward our users
  • Every user of the Maison ecosystem is extremely important, so we have a tiered referral program that serves as an incentive for everyone to develop the company and an opportunity to step beyond the income received from investments
  • This point plays an important role in working with any product. Our team pays special attention to the ease and accessibility of working with tools within the Maison platform, which increases the efficiency and results of each participant and company
  • Achieving outstanding results is much faster with low commissions and high work speed. Maison has made sure that your use of the platform is truly efficient.

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