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Cosmic Guild is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that is focused on maximizing yield and building gaming communities.

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CG 500,000,000

What is Cosmic Guild?

Cosmic Guild is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that is focused on maximizing yield and building communities. Cosmic is creating a platform where players and investors can come together, combining expertise and capital to achieve the optimal yield generation for stakeholders.

Cosmic guild maintains a portfolio of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) game assets of top tier crypto games which are lent to the members who can play with it. Cosmic embraces the metaverse and seek yield maximization strategies on the guild portfolio while constantly staying ahead of game meta changes and new developments to be at the frontier of crypto gaming.

$CG Token Utility

Governance is the core of a successful guild. Every individual who owns $CG tokens can impact the decisions of the DAO by voting on community submitted proposals and are incentivized to act in the long-term interest of the DAO.

Community proposals can affect all actions made by the Cosmic DAO including treasury management, subDAO inception, capital allocation for subDAOs and guild recruitment programs.

$CG token staking can be time-locked as a signaling to the community that you're taking a long-term view that your votes and decisions will be beneficial to the guild in the long run. As a benefit for locking your token, you will gain additional voting power depending on the lock-up period.

Locked $CG tokens also receive a portion of yield earned by the guild and the weight of your stake increases exponentially in tandem with the duration locked. Initially, to bootstrap incentives for staking and to encourage $CG stakeholders to take a longer-term view for the success of the guild, $CG tokens will be distributed to locked $CG tokens.

Staked $CG tokens also entitles you to exclusive content from $CG which can include NFT drops, exclusive merchandise, among other benefits that the DAO may be able to provide together with our partners.

Cosmic Guild DAO operates multiple subDAOs which are all created for the purpose of capital efficiency to maximize yield from the play-to-earn games. The yield generated are funneled back to the CG DAO.

The portfolio yield backstops the value of $CG. If the value of $CG falls below the underlying portfolio value, yield will be used to buyback and burn $CG resulting in a deflationary supply.

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