Market Cap
$ 1.24T
24h Spot Volume
$ 32.28B
BTC Dominance
6 Gwei


A digital currency and transaction platform that offers true decentralization, scalability and security

Algorand Price

$ 0.3701.17


High / Low

High:$ 0.375

Low:$ 0.356

Algorand Market Cap

$ 2,547,093,086 
Ƀ 103,956
FDMC: $ 3,696,897,527 
ATH: $ 32,424,611,620 

24h Trade Volume

$ 42,186,946 
Ƀ 1,722
ALGO 114,114,460


ALGO 6,889,812,519(94.44%)
ALGO 7,295,128,050
ALGO 10,000,000,000

All-Time-High (ATH) Price

$ 4.71 (20 Jun 2019)
Ƀ 0.000494 (20 Jun 2019)
ETH 0.0173 (20 Jun 2019)
From ATH: -92.1%
To ATH: +1,173%

Algorand Live Chart

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The Algorand to USD chart is designed for users to instantly see the changes that occur on the market and predicts what will come next.

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Algorand Quarterly Returns (USD)


Algorand Closing Price (USD) - Quarterly

2022$ 0.930$ 0.314--
2021$ 1.36$ 0.879$ 1.62$ 1.66
2020$ 0.154$ 0.208$ 0.344$ 0.331
2019-$ 1.43$ 0.250$ 0.216

Algorand Monthly Returns (USD)


ALGO - USD Price Change

PeriodChangeChange (%)HighLow
24H$ 0.00426+1.17%$ 0.375$ 0.356
7D$ 0.0147+4.15%$ 0.377$ 0.340
14D$ 0.0248+7.19%$ 0.377$ 0.321
1M$ 0.0672+22.2%$ 0.377$ 0.302
3M-$ 0.0995-21.2%$ 0.508$ 0.278
6M-$ 0.549-59.8%$ 1.00$ 0.278
YTD-$ 1.29-77.8%$ 1.83$ 0.278
1Y-$ 0.584-61.2%$ 2.73$ 0.278
3Y-$ 0.354-48.9%$ 2.73$ 0.101

Algorand Annual Price (USD)

2022-77.8%$ 1.83$ 0.278
2021+395.7%$ 2.73$ 0.332
2020+53.2%$ 0.755$ 0.101
2019-90.3%$ 4.71$ 0.161

Algorand Live Info Today

Algorand's current price is $ 0.370, it has increased +1.17% over the past 24 hours.

Algorand's All Time High (ATH) of $ 4.71 was reached on 20 Jun 2019, and is currently -92.1% down.

The current circulating supply of Algorand is 6.89 Billions coins, and the maximum supply of Algorand is 10.00 Billions.

Algorand’s 24 hour trading volume is $ 42.19 Million.

Algorand (ALGO) operates on its own blockchain and can be minted.

Algorand's current share of the entire cryptocurrency market is 0.21%, with a market capitalization of $ 2.55 Billions.

You can find more details about Algorand on its official website and on the block explorer.

What is Algorand

Algorand was launched in 2019 and is designed as a payment-focussed network. It aims to create a business-ready protocol that solves the blockchain trilemma. Algorand deploys a unique two-tiered structure combined with Proof-of-Stake to achieve this and offers both incredibly fast transaction speeds and transaction finality.

The project attracted a diverse set of early-stage investors due to its potential use case and ability to provide a foundation for existing businesses, and new ones, to easily create projects operating globally in the decentralized economy.

What are ALGO key features and how does it work?

Algorand uses a unique and permissionless pure Proof-of-Stake protocol that supports the scale, open participation, and transaction finality required to build systems for potentially billions of users. It is built on Byzantine agreement and is unique to the network. This means that the ecosystem reaches consensus in a completely decentralized manner and is fully scalable.

Any user who is online and possesses stake is eligible to participate in the consensus protocol. Algo holders are randomly selected every time there is a new block. They then “validate and approve” the subsequent block in the chain.

Block generation does not require any expensive computation. Participation costs are very low and are therefore not a barrier to participation. The more ALGO a user holds, the higher their chance of being selected to verify and validate new blocks and transactions. This process allows Algorand to approve and finalize transactions in seconds

Furthermore, Algorand’s block rewards are distributed to all ALGO coin holders. In this manner, all ALGO holders earn rewards instead of just block producers. A user receives a number of rewards proportional to their stake for every block committed to the chain. Algorand does this to encourage new users and to accelerate its path to decentralization. Also, Algorand enables users to create smart contracts and tokens that represent both new and existing assets. The platform allows developers to use the Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) protocol to do this. For example, stablecoins such as USDT and USDC exist as ASAs on Algorand’s blockchain and have higher throughput and lower transaction fees than Ethereum. 

ASA’s also enable Role Based Asset Control (RBAC). This means that assets can be controlled with flexibility. For example, assets can be quarantined for investigative purposes, or a transfer of assets can be forced if regulations or any law requires it. As well as various user protections, such as asset spam protections that prevent unknown assets from being sent to users without their explicit approval.

Algornad also supports NFTs. The platform facilitates almost instant finally, nominal transaction fees and also fractional ownership. This means that assets with higher prices can have shared ownership through NFT, thus making them a lot more accessible.

What can Algorand be used for? 

Designed as a tool for developers to easily create new applications, the use cases for Algorand are wide-spreading. As well as more commonly seen crypto use cases in DeFi, gaming, and stablecoins, the Algorand platform has facilitated projects in real estate, copyright, microfinance, and governance. 

For example, as central banks continue to research networks to host digital currencies, Algorand has become a viable option, the Marshall Islands has chosen it to host its central bank digital currency.

Where can you buy ALGO?

Traders can buy ALGO on the DEXs and CEXs listed on the market tab. The most popular exchanges are Binance and OKEx.

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