$ 257.94B
Market Cap
$ 35.05B
24h Volume
BTC Dominance

Past ICO

NameCategoryRaisedROI USDROI ETHInterestEnded
Blockchain infrastructure$ 17,5000.58x23 May
Protocol$ 3,000,0002.82x22 May
Dapp$ 2,400,0001.17x22 May
Blockchain ServiceNot Set1.81x18 May
Healthcare$ 5,040,0002.31x16 May
Entertainment$ 1,890,0003.97x14 May
Blockchain infrastructure$ 1,600,0002.54x14 May
Dapp$ 580,0001.38x14 May
SocialNot Set13 May
Blockchain infrastructure$ 698,0001.03x12 May
Exchange token$ 1,000,000,00011 May
Blockchain infrastructure$ 500,0001.39x9 May
IOT$ 1,750,0000.58x6 May
Data Service$ 30,700,0000.32xNeutral3 May
Entertainment$ 2,880,0000.75x3 May
Entertainment$ 600,0000.47x0.29x30 Apr
Data ServiceNot Set30 Apr
$ 3,700,0000.72x29 Apr
Currency$ 5,100,0002.01xMedium27 Apr
Blockchain infrastructureNot Set0.29x26 Apr
Blockchain infrastructure$ 234,0001.29x0.8x26 Apr
Blockchain infrastructure$ 3,500,0000.91x26 Apr
Blockchain Service$ 5,600,0009.39xMedium25 Apr
Blockchain infrastructure$ 3,060,0001.24x0.84x25 Apr
Blockchain infrastructure$ 1,000,0002.65x22 Apr
Blockchain infrastructure$ 7,500,0001.35x22 Apr
Not Set0.8x0.54x22 Apr
Gaming$ 500,0000.73x0.49x22 Apr
Blockchain infrastructure$ 3,600,0001.34x22 Apr
Exchange token$ 75,700,0002.02x21 Apr
Blockchain infrastructureNot Set19 Apr
IOT$ 2,000,0001.02x18 Apr
IOTNot Set0.51x18 Apr
Social$ 500,0001.2x0.8x17 Apr
Blockchain Service$ 4,200,0001.8x16 Apr
Trading and investmentNot Set1.11x15 Apr
Blockchain infrastructure$ 400,0000.66x13 Apr
Blockchain infrastructure$ 4,000,0002x11 Apr
IOT$ 15,000,0004.46xMedium10 Apr
Blockchain infrastructure$ 19,800,0001.28x9 Apr
Blockchain Service$ 9,000,0006 Apr
Blockchain infrastructure$ 11,000,0000.34x2 Apr
Financial services$ 2,800,0000.85x1 Apr
Blockchain ServiceNot Set1 Apr
Blockchain infrastructureNot Set30 Mar
Blockchain infrastructureNot Set27 Mar
Data Service$ 600,0004.67x27 Mar
Blockchain infrastructure$ 15,000,0002.87x26 Mar
Blockchain infrastructure$ 4,900,0000.8x26 Mar
Blockchain Service$ 34,000,0002x19 Mar
CrowdfundingNot Set1x19 Mar
Blockchain infrastructure$ 1,680,0001.42x11 Mar
Blockchain infrastructure$ 40,000,0000.47x0.31x4 Mar
Stablecoin$ 62,000,00028 Feb
Artificial Intelligence$ 23,000,0001.79x25 Feb
Blockchain Service$ 9,000,00031 Jan
Financial services$ 1,400,0000.12x31 Jan
Data Service$ 26,500,00010.44x4.22x28 Jan
Blockchain Service$ 2,412,1431.15x0.53x28 Jan
Business$ 5,500,00022 Jan
Blockchain infrastructure$ 4,100,0003.23x1.59x17 Jan
Financial servicesNot Set1.42x0.72x9 Jan
Real Estate$ 679,4520.12x31 Dec 2018
EnergyNot Set0.17x31 Dec 2018
Trading and investment$ 30,000,00031 Dec 2018
SocialNot Set1.28x31 Dec 2018
SocialNot Set4.76x31 Dec 2018
PaymentsNot Set1.47x31 Dec 2018
Exchange token$ 110,0000.38x30 Dec 2018
SocialNot Set1.04x30 Dec 2018
MediaNot Set0.02x0.02x30 Dec 2018
BusinessNot Set0.3x27 Dec 2018
Financial servicesNot Set0.1x25 Dec 2018
MediaNot Set4.82x1.68x21 Dec 2018
Verification$ 3,400,0000.2x20 Dec 2018
Marketplace$ 20,250,0000.05x0.06x19 Dec 2018
PaymentsNot Set0.03x10 Dec 2018
MediaNot Set0.02x30 Nov 2018
AdvertisingNot Set0.13x0.1x30 Nov 2018
Blockchain ServiceNot Set30 Nov 2018
EntertainmentNot Set0.06x0.05x25 Nov 2018
Financial servicesNot Set0.03x0.02x23 Nov 2018
Exchange tokenNot Set0.47x22 Nov 2018
Ticketing$ 85,0000.05x0.04x22 Nov 2018
Blockchain infrastructureNot Set0.68x21 Nov 2018
Blockchain ServiceNot Set0x0.01x21 Nov 2018
Blockchain ServiceNot Set0.06x19 Nov 2018
SocialNot Set0.63x0.2x18 Nov 2018
Exchange tokenNot Set1.25x18 Nov 2018
Protocol$ 1,400,0000.16x0.11x15 Nov 2018
PaymentsNot Set0.06x14 Nov 2018
BusinessNot Set11 Nov 2018
Blockchain Service$ 9,185,7510.38xMedium8 Nov 2018
Financial servicesNot Set0.52x2 Nov 2018
Exchange token$ 11,300,0002.41x4.85x31 Oct 2018
Entertainment$ 9,000,0000.54x0.19x31 Oct 2018
HealthcareNot Set1.84x30 Oct 2018
Advertising$ 30,000,0001.95x25 Oct 2018
Exchange tokenNot Set25 Oct 2018
$ 19,500,0000.27x19 Oct 2018