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Altered State Machine (ASM) is a decentralised protocol for Non-Fungible Intelligence (NFI) - bringing users and developers the ability to create, own, trade, and train AI agent via NFTs, to power up the metaverse.

ASM AI Agents can be comprised of two NFTs, a Brain NFT and a Form. ASM Brains are the core of an AI Agent and each contrain a unique Genome Matrix; a set of intrinsic base values that determine the inherent abilities of a Brain. When trained, ASM Brains will also have Memories, behavioural strategies the Agent has learned via Machine Learning in Artificial Intelligence Gyms. The Form is an optional layer for each AI Agent which can be a visual (or otherwise) representation of your AI Agent. Forms can be NFTs, such as traditional 2D or 3D art or character NFTs, Aural experiences, a unique identifier, or a Voice Agent. The Form of an Agent can be upgraded, traded, or replaced, allowing nearly unlimited flexibility in the creation of Agents for different execution environments or use cases.

With ASM, you can create, compete, and interact with AI Agents across many worlds, such as gaming, financial applications, and multimedia experiences.

ASTO will have immense utility in the ASM protocol, including AI Agent Training, DAO Governance, minting NFTs, in-game transactions, asset creation, and more.