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MoonStarter Launchpad

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About MoonStarter Platform

MoonStarter is a decentralized multi-Chain IDO Launchpad.

MoonStarter Lunar Tier System

MoonStarter has designed 4 tiers based on the Jupiter Lunar system theme. Depending on the project developments and feedbacks, tiers might be reviewed. To access to the IDOs, the paths are possible but not cumulative.

The 4 tiers

The different tiers vary in terms of requirements in terms of number of MNST tokens to stake and the staking duration required. Tiers have different IDO allocations as explained in the next section. Additionally to these tiers, a competition path can also allow to participate to the IDOs.

The Galaxy Path

OCallisto, Elara, Himalia & Kalyke will still require staking of respectively 10 000, 50 000, 150 000 & 250 000 MNST and will give you guaranteed allocation.

The system is based on “Jupiter Rocket tickets” representing your guaranteed allocation and will be implemented as follow:

  • Callisto: One (1) Jupiter Rocket Ticket is allocated from 10 000 MNST staked. Meaning that, stakers could get 1 to 4.9999 Tickets.
  • Elara: Six (6) Jupiter Rocket Tickets are allocated from 50 000 MNST staked. Meaning that, stakers could get 6 to 15.9999 Tickets.
  • Himalia: Twenty (20) Jupiter Rocket Tickets are allocated from 150 000 MNST staked. Meaning that, stakers could get 20 to 29.9999 Tickets.
  • Kalyke: Thirty-seven (37) Jupiter Rocket Ticket are allocated from 250 000 MNST staked. Meaning that, stakers would get a minimum of 37 tickets and 1 additional ticket per additional 10 000 MNST staked.

Regarding the minimum duration, it will be required to stake a minimum of 3 days until 24 hours before the IDO.

The Competition Path

The new path to get a spot for the IDO will require the following:

  • Hold 1000 MNST a minimum of 3 days until 24 hours before the IDO. MoonStarter will proceed on a random snapshot on the period of “3 days before IDO — 24 hours before IDO to validate the holdings.
  • Complete Gleam Competition tasks.

Once all the tasks are completed and if the holding requirement is respected, the top 50 will secure a guaranteed allocation while other 50 individuals will be qualified to take part of a lottery. Top 50 & lottery winners will be allocated 0.5 Jupiter Rocket Tickets.

Attention: This is not cumulative with the Galaxy path.

Cosmos Stakers

Who are the Cosmos Stakers?

Cosmos Stakers are individuals who are staking at least for 30 days at 24 hours prior to the IDO is taking place.

Advantages of the Cosmos Stakers

Cosmos Stakers will have the following advantages:

  • Their allocation will be increased by 20% For example, a Cosmos Stakers with 10 Jupiter Tickets, will be granted with 2 additional tickets (20%).
  • Exclusive IDOs — Private Sales. Cosmos Stakers will be granted access to IDOs with very limited allocations and private sales which will be held on MoonStarter App.