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HTX Primelist

HTX Primelist Launchpad

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Year Of Foundation: 2013

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About HTX Primelist Platform

The primary sale on Huobi is called Primelist, and allows you to participate in IEOs.

Activity rules:

Step 1: Sign-up and identity authentication

Before the day of activity (co-occurrence rule) – the user needs to complete sign-up at Huobi Global, and complete identity (non-restricted nationality) authentication.

Step 2: Lock positions to apply

(1) After the activity starts, the user needs to log into the App to enter the activity page, and lock HT or USDT according to the page prompt to complete the application. Make sure the locked amount is above the minimum lock-up amount of corresponding currency in the page prompt, with no upper limit. Note: Locked assets cannot be traded or withdrawn. Please choose the amount carefully.

(2) During the activity, the user can increase HT or USDT to lock on the activity page. The more you lock, the more tickets you can get;

(3) How to calculate the number of tickets you receive through the lock-up activity:

The number of tickets = (locked-up amount)*time weightage/value of a single ticket

Time weightage= lock-up duration/total duration of lock-up activity period

(Activity total locked amount = Accumulated locked HT after conversion into USDT plus USDT of all users participating in the activity. HT price is converted into USDT at HT/USDT price at 00:00 UTC. If the converted USDT amount is not an integer, the system will take only the integer.)

(4) You can view tickets you get for participating in lock-up on the activity page.

(5) During the activity, the user’s locked funds will be frozen by default and cannot be unlocked.

Step 3: Participate in spot trading to get extra tickets

(1) During the activity, the user can participate in spot trading to get more tickets only after successful application by lock-up. Only the trading volume after successful application by lock-up, will fall within the scope of trading volume valid for getting tickets on the day of successful application. The user can get trading activity tickets by completing corresponding single-day spot trading volume within the stairs. Such tickets will be included in the total tickets the user gets in the activity. After the activity is over, uniform random ticket-drawing will be conducted;

(2) Rules for getting tickets by participating in spot trading during the activity.

(3) Trading pair restrictions: trading volume will not be calculated for USDT/HUSD, PAX/HUSD, USDC/HUSD, TUSD/HUSD, DAI/USDT, TUSD/USDT, PAX/USDT, DAI/HUSD, UST/USDT etc.;

(4) The calculation method of the trading volume of non-USDT trading pairs: the value of the currency on the left side of the purchase or the currency on the right side of the sale and the value corresponding to USDT in real time.

(5) The trading time of single-day is UTC 0:00 on the day-UTC 0:00 on the second day 

(6) There may be a delay in the number of transactions displayed on the event page, please be patient

(7) Users participating in the trading activity can get tickets corresponding to the spot trading (spot trading, leverage trading, ETP trading, grid trading) volume on the day with an upper limit of 7000 tickets/day.

(8) Sub-accounts cannot attend the event as their trading volume won’t be included. 

(9) Trading Volume of API users will be included. 

(10) Market Makers can only lock tokens but won’t get tickets through trading.

Step 4: ticket-drawing and exchange

(1) Random ticket-drawing will be carried out for the lock-up users and the users participating in the trading activity respectively by the system. The ticket-drawing results will be displayed. The user’s ticket-winning details will be shown on the activity page;

(2) The system will employ random ticket-drawing, and tickets the user wins will be generated randomly in the range [0 - the user’s total tickets for the activity]. The user’s total tickets for the activity = tickets the user gets by lock-up + tickets the user gets by spot trading;

(3) The system will enter the step of payment and exchange after calculating the ticket-winning result. Upon successful exchange, the token will be registered to the coin/coin account. 

Scenario 1: If the user locks up sufficient USDT, the system will automatically deduct the USDT equivalent of the token after winning the lot from the lock-up account, and distribute the token to the user’s coin/coin account. Meanwhile, it will release the remaining locked USDT and HT to the user’s coin/coin account. The USDT amount deducted by the system to pay and exchange for the token = (Lots the user wins by lock-up + Lots the user wins by trading activity) * Single-lot amount.

Scenario 2: if the user's locked USDT is insufficient to pay for the token for which the user wins the lot, the system will unlock the user's locked USDT and HT, and inform the user to pay as soon as possible. The user needs to pay the amount of the won lots manually with USDT in the coin/coin account (the amount of won lots = (Lots the user wins by lock-up + Lots the user wins by trading activity) * Single-lot amount. Please ensure there is sufficient USDT in the coin/coin account within the specified time limit for payment. If the user fails to pay within the specified time limit, the user will be deemed to have forfeited the award, and the system will recall the corresponding lots.

Step 5: Opening time for trading and deposit/withdrawal