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Ten (Obscuro)

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Ten is a decentralized encryption Layer 2 built on top of Ethereum

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What is Ten (Obscuro)?

Ten is an EVM-based encrypted Layer 2 for Ethereum. It's like Arbitrum and Optimism, except it also uses Secure Enclave technology to also allow for encrypted data and state on the platform.

Ten offers the same functionality as Ethereum and indeed leverages Ethereum for security, except it also solves the following four problems:

  • Encryption: encrypting Ethereum will create an explosion in the use cases Ethereum can support. Things like on-chain games with hidden maps, DEXs with private limit orders, NFTs with hidden contents and pretty much any Web2 application can be ported over.

  • MEV: moving value back into end-users hands by maintaining an encrypted mempool.

  • Scalability: Ten has developed a novel protocol called Proof of Block Inclusion (or POBI for short), enabling it to scale massively.

  • Gas: with no Proof of Work and by leveraging Proof of Block Inclusion, gas on Ten is a fraction of what it is on L1.

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