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Takepile is a decentralized perpetual exchange on the Fantom network offering up to 200x leverage

Takepile (TAKE) Chart

The Takepile to USD chart is designed for users to instantly see the changes that occur on the market and predicts what will come next.

Additional Data

Max Supply

TAKE 10,000,000

Total Supply

TAKE 10,000,000

Listing Date

17 Nov 2022

All Time High

$ 0.926

16 Feb 2023

All Time Low

$ 0.161

18 Jan 2023

Takepile Price Analysis

What is Takepile (TAKE)?

Takepile is a decentralized perpetual exchange on Fantom offering low fees, no-slippage trading, no funding rates, and guaranteed solvency through its novel "pile" liquidity system. Takepile utilizes a novel liquidity system called the "pile" system, where traders deposit an underlying asset such as DAI, USDB or wFTM, and receive a pileToken (ex: pileDAI or pileFTM) to trade with. A pileToken functions similar to an LP token, where it represents a trader’s ownership of the underlying asset found in a pile. If a trader owns 10% of all pileDAI, they are entitled to 10% of all DAI in a pile. 

TAKE token is the utility token behind Takepile: hold TAKE to unlock different tiers of leverage, stake your TAKE on a pile to earn fee share, or contribute to the TAKE/USDC LP and stake it in one of the LP Vaults for weekly rewards.

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