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Swing SWING 

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Swing is a decentralized cross-chain crypto liquidity protocol.

What is Swing?

Swing is a decentralized, cross-chain liquidity protocol that aggregates liquidity across blockchains in a trust-less manner. It unlocks and aggregates frictionless liquidity from multiple chains, delivering the best prices via one platform and using smart contracts to execute transactions. Swings’s 100% trustless and non-custodial nature means that only users have access to their crypto assets, and the platform will be as easy to use as connecting a MetaMask wallet.

Utilizing smart contracts, relayers, and network bridges, the Swing protocol navigates multiple liquidity sources per token pair. Every liquidity source has its own algorithm and Swing will fill the order using the best offers received from liquidity sources available across the top DEXes on different blockchains such as Uniswap, Sushiswap, and Acala, allowing traders to capture value cross-chain.

Key features of Swing:

  • Interoperability. Swing is designed for cross-chain communication with multiple networks unleashing massive asset variety
  • Cross-Chain Liquidity. Swing captures value for traders cross-chain. Enables frictionless liquidity for all crypto assets
  • Community Driven. Swing is an open, permissionless protocol governed by its community of users and liquidity providers
  • TradingView and Limit Orders. Uses intuitive TradingView charts and limit orders to power professional decentralized trading experiences
  • Non-Custodial. 100% trustless and non-custodial means you remain in control of your assets. Trade directly using Metamask wallet
  • Liquidity & Asset Variety. Trade a variety of Polkadot and Ethereum cryptoassets from one place at the best prices globally.

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