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Plethori is the first decentralized cross-chain investment platform for open trading and creation of trustless ETFs.

Plethori (PLE) Chart

Plethori price Index provides the latest PLE price in US Dollars , BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.


3 May — 3 May 2021


$ 100.00K


$ 0.04

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19.45x  +1,845%

Additional Data

ATH Market Cap

$ 14.32M

Total Supply

PLE 100,000,000

Listing Date

4 May 2021

IDO Price

$ 0.04

3 May 2021




All Time High

$ 0.778

5 May 2021

All Time Low

$ 0.00001

24 Aug 2023

What is Plethori (PLE)?


Plethori is a Cryptocurrency ETF Investment Platform that allows open trading and creation of trustless ETFs by utilizing blockchain technology and layer 2 solutions. The platform offers decentralized cross-chain investment for exchange-traded funds built on the Ethereum and Polkadot blockchains. Our service will allow investors to deposit capital in the form of our PLE token and invest in a wide range of ETFs enabling investment into entire industries in cryptocurrency such as insurance, oracles, NFTs, Derivatives, Polkadot ecosystem projects and many more.


Plethori is built on an interoperable DeFi protocol that allows cross-chain investments and trades. Our cross-chain functionality opens new opportunities to our users and leverages layer 2 technology to deliver high speed, low-cost trading at the click of a button.

Our fiat gateway integration will allow users to easily invest in crypto funds via our platform, thus facilitating fiat to token investing and creating a bridge to the world of traditional finance. This will be achieved quickly and seamlessly within the platform.

NFTs will also be integrated into the Plethori platform. Aside from being tradeable, they will also serve to reward ETF creators based on rankings and achievements and provide the community with perks for use within our platform and our various partner projects.

Platform Features

Our platform has a robust feature offering that guarantees not just an aesthetically thought-out UI but an investor-centric feel to create the perfect blend between form and functionality.

These include;

● Metamask Wallet connectivity for trustless non-custodial transactions

  • Metamask Wallet connectivity for trustless non-custodial transactions
  • Blank Wallet integration for secure, private transactions
  • Ultra-low fees on transactions
  • Margin trading
  • Leveraged trading
  • Limit orders
  • Advanced charting features
  • Detailed asset information
  • Cryptocurrency market analytics
  • Portfolio management tools
  • Market news and calendar
  • Video tutorials
  • ETF creation tools
  • Leaderboards for user created ETFs
  • NFT gallery
  • Alerts
  • PLE token staking and farming
  • Fiat gateway integration


Plethori is an interoperable DeFi protocol that allows cross-chain ETF investments and trades. The need to build a cross-chain project is crucial, due to the recent surge of unaffordable fees charged by networks such as Ethereum which make trading and investment opportunities seemingly unprofitable to small-scale investors/users.

Our cross-chain functionality will open up new opportunities to our users enabling them to invest in both the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystem, thus creating a two-way bridge for investment into both ecosystems. This is a strategic move to provide a cost-effective, low-latency alternative to excessive transactions to save on fees and reduce transaction costs.

We chose Polkadot primarily because of its aim to build on top of Ethereum and that it boasts smart contract functionality and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) where the bulk of traded DeFi assets are native.

One of the striking advantages of our cross-chain protocol is the cheap cost to users, allowing users to invest additional funds that would otherwise be used on transaction fees. Functionality is maintained at a near optimum level, primarily because we can mitigate service lag caused by singular network congestion using our cross-chain protocol as a by-pass of sorts.

Plethori will enable fund managers to create ETFs quickly, cheaply, and in a trustless manner. Users will be able to participate in a secure environment and invest in a collage of investment portfolios with minimal, yet calculated risk based on the performance of the funds. As a user, you have only to make a deposit with PLE on our platform, which can then be used to make investments into the Polkadot ecosystem.

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