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Orbiter Finance

Orbiter Finance  

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Orbiter Finance is a ZK-tech Based Ethereum Acceleration Engine that boosts L2s' performance and decreases gas consumption.

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What is Orbiter Finance?

Ultimatum of Cross-rollup Transactions

Orbiter Finance enables cross-rollup transactions of Ethereum/Bitcoin native assets in a trustless and seamless manner. We support various networks, including Ethereum, zkSync Era, zkSync Lite, Linea, Mantle, Base, StarkNet, opBNB, Scroll, Arbitrum, Arbitrum Nova, Loopring, Optimism, Polygon, Polygon zkevm, BNB Chain, Zora, ImmutableX, BOB, BEVM, Bitlayer, BSquared, etc..

Major Features

A suite of features that enhance Orbiter Finance’s appeal to users:

  • Secure:

    Orbiter Finance benefits from the security of rollups, resulting in a minimal risk associated with data synchronisation between networks. This is because rollups synchronise their data with the main network thus ensuring the security of the transfer process.

  • Compatible:

    Supporting non-EVM L2 and L3, as well as EVM rollups, validium, and Dapp-specific rollups, this versatility enables a wide range of use cases, making Orbiter Finance an attractive choice for users seeking flexibility in transactions.

  • Fast:

    Orbiter Finance’s timeliness is exceptional, making it the quickest solution available. Transactions between two EOAs can be completed within 10 to 20 seconds.

  • Cost efficient:

    Orbiter Finance also offers the lowest basic network costs, which is the sum of the gas costs for transactions between two EOAs on both source and destination networks. Rarely no other solutions can be found cheaper than us.

  • Openness:

    We support the decentralised addition of various ERC20 token liquidity. It enables developers to the environment by deploying SPV and allows them to customise cross-rollup transactions and message events. This openness provides users with greater flexibility and control over their transactions.

  • Trustless:

    Orbiter Finance has developed a decentralised incentive front-end that enables third-party DApps to establish frontend interfaces compatible with the cross-rollup bridge protocol. This marks a significant achievement in Orbiter Finance's pursuit of ultimate decentralisation and trustlessness.

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