Market Cap
$ 1.33T
24h Spot Volume
$ 32.13B
BTC Dominance
110 Gwei


Netvrk is a social Virtual Reality platform on the blockchain, with tools that allow you to easily create, share, and monetize your creations.

Netvrk Price

$ 0.398-2.03


High / Low

High:$ 0.447

Low:$ 0.396

Netvrk Market Cap

$ 16,157,930 
Ƀ 547
FDMC: $ 39,802,927 
ATH: $ 297,749,645 

24h Trade Volume

$ 1,399,906 
Ƀ 47.35
NTVRK 3,517,093


NTVRK 40,594,829(40.59%)
NTVRK 100,000,000

All-Time-High (ATH) Price

$ 7.33 (25 Nov 2021)
Ƀ 0.00013 (02 Dec 2021)
ETH 0.00169 (25 Nov 2021)
From ATH: -94.6%
To ATH: +1,742.7%

Netvrk Live Chart

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The Netvrk to USD chart is designed for users to instantly see the changes that occur on the market and predicts what will come next.

NTVRK to USD Converter


Netvrk Quarterly Returns (USD)


Netvrk Closing Price (USD) - Quarterly

2022$ 2.00---
2021-$ 0.249$ 1.28$ 3.07

Netvrk Monthly Returns (USD)


NTVRK - USD Price Change

PeriodChangeChange (%)HighLow
24H-$ 0.00824-2.03%$ 0.447$ 0.396
7D$ 0.0391+10.9%$ 0.447$ 0.351
14D-$ 0.154-27.9%$ 0.555$ 0.324
1M-$ 0.717-64.3%$ 1.12$ 0.324
3M-$ 1.78-81.7%$ 2.24$ 0.324
6M-$ 6.19-94%$ 7.33$ 0.324
YTD-$ 2.68-87.1%$ 3.22$ 0.324
1Y-$ 0.074-15.7%$ 7.33$ 0.0662

Netvrk Annual Price (USD)

2022-87.1%$ 3.22$ 0.324
2021+511.1%$ 7.33$ 0.0662

Netvrk Live Info Today

Netvrk's current price is $ 0.398, it has dropped -2.03% over the past 24 hours.

Netvrk's All Time High (ATH) of $ 7.33 was reached on 25 Nov 2021, and is currently -94.6% down.

The maximum supply of Netvrk that will ever be issued is 100.00 Millions tokens, and the current supply of NTVRK in circulation is 40.59 Millions tokens.

Netvrk’s 24 hour trading volume is $ 1.40 Million.

Netvrk's current share of the entire cryptocurrency market is 0.00%, with a market capitalization of $ 16.16 Millions.

What is Netvrk


To become the next evolution of the internet by offering the world a way to con - sume and create immersive experiences while monetizing and sharing content that will result in an ever-expanding virtual metaverse


Our goal is to generate a unique and visually attractive world, ready to be explored, populated, and even reshaped to match all users’ needs. NetVRk’s users will be able to use their worlds for personal and professional purposes while enjoying a blockchain-based ecosystem that provides them with the tools to monetize their VR environments in a secure economy.


Embracing the immutability of blockchain, NetVRk participants are able to create VR content and possess ownership that will be securely recorded on the block - chain ledger, with an opportunity to sell or lease it to other participants and earn money. Besides content creation and experiencing life in virtual universes, busi - nesses and companies will be able to promote and advertise their products or services in order to bring the product awareness to others. Blockchain imple - mentation will enable a safe and secure environment for virtual trade and pro - vide full legal compliance and data immutability. All payments will be processed quickly and transparently with the use of smart contracts.

NetVRk utilizes the blockchain in order to provide our users with the following FeRefiXW


  • All transactions will be recorded on the blockchain, providing a transparent tracking system and transaction history that can be easily accessed and viewed.


  • As soon as a record is written into the blockchain, there is no possibility of deleting or tampering with it. This ensures trust and clarity.

High Security.

  •  Users’ personal data will be protected, as it will be stored with a hash value and viewed only by users with granted access.

Cost Efficiency


  • The NetVRk platform will be a decentraliz ed platform that unites users, content cr eators, developers, and VR enthusiasts, who will be able to interact with each other without third-party interference. 


Buy Assets

  • The NETVRK token can be used to buy assets within the virtual reality world you are in. Assets can include buildings, vehicles, houses along with many others that will be found in the NETVRK market.

Buy Land

  • Just like in the offline world, land is also a valuable commodity in the VR world within NETVRK. Tokens can be used to purchase land in the prime real estate hotspots such as overlooking the beach, or right in front of the city.

Buy Advertising Space

  • NETVRK tokens can be used to buy advertising space, which can be used to generate a form of passive income and be on-sold to other parties for a healthy profit

Generate NFTs

  • The token can also be used to generate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), yet another way of earning additional income.


  • Another way of earning a passive income with the NETVRK token can be done via staking, which pays stakers a fixed percentage of profits based on staking their tokens in the network.

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