Market Cap
$ 1.10T
24h Spot Volume
$ 36.10B
BTC Dominance
22 Gwei

Monsoon Finance

Monsoon Finance is a fully decentralized protocol for private transactions

Monsoon Finance Price

$ 0.007640.87


High / Low

High:$ 0.00766

Low:$ 0.00757

Monsoon Finance Market Cap

FDMC: $ 764,085 

24h Trade Volume

$ 770,617 
Ƀ 35.33
MCASH 100,854,872


MCASH 100,000,000
MCASH 100,000,000

All-Time-High (ATH) Price

$ 0.343 (03 Oct 2021)
Ƀ 0.00...071 (03 Oct 2021)
ETH 0.000101 (30 Sep 2021)
From ATH: -97.8%
To ATH: +4,390.6%

Monsoon Finance Live Chart

Monsoon Finance price Index provides the latest MCASH price in US Dollars , BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.

The Monsoon Finance to USD chart is designed for users to instantly see the changes that occur on the market and predicts what will come next.

MCASH to USD Converter


Monsoon Finance Quarterly Returns (USD)


Monsoon Finance Closing Price (USD) - Quarterly

2022$ 0.0115$ 0.00827--
2021--$ 0.244$ 0.0551

Monsoon Finance Monthly Returns (USD)


MCASH - USD Price Change

PeriodChangeChange (%)HighLow
24H$ 0.0000662+0.87%$ 0.00766$ 0.00757
7D-$ 0.000415-5.16%$ 0.0082$ 0.00745
14D-$ 0.000509-6.25%$ 0.00827$ 0.00745
1M-$ 0.000751-8.95%$ 0.00946$ 0.00745
3M$ 0.00348+83.6%$ 0.0249$ 0.00381
6M-$ 0.0115-60.1%$ 0.025$ 0.00342
YTD-$ 0.0475-86.1%$ 0.105$ 0.00342

Monsoon Finance Annual Price (USD)

2022-86.2%$ 0.105$ 0.00342
2021-82%$ 0.343$ 0.0524

Monsoon Finance Live Info Today

Monsoon Finance's current price is $ 0.00764, it has increased +0.87% over the past 24 hours.

Monsoon Finance's All Time High (ATH) of $ 0.343 was reached on 3 Oct 2021, and is currently -97.8% down.

What is Monsoon Finance

Monsoon Finance, a multi-chain privacy protocol, overcomes existing blockchain challenges by providing private transactions to any and every smart contracts blockchain. It aims to solve privacy issues with tools like a Multi-chain Privacy Bridge and a Multi-chain Privacy DEX.

Monsoon Finance will restore the fundamental right of privacy and anonymity. This is possible with the help of Monsoon cash, a fork of Tornado cash that will provide privacy features. It has already started with Binance Smart Chain and is planning to start with Polygon soon.

Similarly, with Monsoon Finance, the user can deposit assets on one chain and privately withdraw them on any other chain. This is to provide more flexibility to users and improve their overall experience with the platform along with advanced privacy features.

Lastly, by using the Monsoon Discovery Network, users can deposit an asset on one chain and privately swap it for any asset on any other chain with top in-class privacy features. This not only provides flexibility but also an overall sense of security as well.


MCASH is the utility token of Monsoon Finance and a fork of Tornado Cash for Polygon and BSC.

By acquiring MCASH tokens, users can participate in protocol governance and weigh in on its modifications. In addition, all fees generated by the protocol are used to buy back and burn MCASH tokens. Once $MCASH is publicly available, users can easily mine it on Monsoon maintaining their anonymity. The more you use it, the more say you have in the evolution of the protocol.

$MCASH will be the medium of exchange and used as a primary mode of payment on the Monsoon Protocol.

Additionally, MCASH will be used for staking and liquidity pools in the ecosystem.

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