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HUMAN Protocol

HUMAN Protocol HMT Price $ 0.0299

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HUMAN Protocol powers decentralized marketplaces where you can request and contribute virtual work within the world’s largest labor pool.

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17 Jun — 18 Jun 2021


$ 50.00M


$ 0.500


0.06x  -94%




2.75x  +174.7%

HMT Price Statistics


Market Cap

$ 6.90M

Fully diluted value


$ 29.95M

ATH Market Cap

$ 171.71M

24 Trade Vol.

$ 160.90K

Vol. (24h) / MCap


Total Supply

HMT 1,000,000,000

Circulating Supply

HMT 230.55M

(23.1% of Total Supply)

Listing Date

10 Aug 2021

ICO Price

$ 0.750

18 Jun 2021




All Time High

$ 1.37

14 Aug 2021

All Time Low

$ 0.0273

24 Apr 2024

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What is HUMAN Protocol (HMT)?

HUMAN Protocol is a new way for people and machines to work together. It provides a way to ask questions that machines cannot answer without human help. For example, when an AI learns how to suggest shoes, it first needs to know which shoes people think are similar. HUMAN lets you ask the question, provide the data, and pay people who help. Companies building services like product search gain new options to create the datasets that power artificial intelligence.

The Protocol enables automated job markets where human workers work on interesting jobs and repetitive tasks are handled by machines. Network participants use HMT to pay for labor via smart bounties and reward validators who provide services to the network.

Key Highlights 

Proven Application

  • HUMAN-powered apps are already used by hundreds of millions of people each month. Uses include labeling data, protecting against bots, and more. HUMAN is network-agnostic and currently supports Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana, and more.

Empowers Workforces

  • HUMAN Protocol tokenizes and makes fungible tasks of any size and requirement to help companies and individual workers — independent of any entity — maximize their resources, using the network to minimize idle time.

Supports Global Job Markets

  • Supports the creation of decentralized job markets in which entities on both sides of transactions can trade in a safe, trustless way, without the need for intermediaries. HUMAN Protocol smart bounties enforce the rules, ensuring fair operation.

Tech Highlights

Flexible and Universal

  • Designed to let you specify almost any kind of job.

Trustless Quality Control

  • Smart bounties ensure Requesters only pay when jobs are done right.

Demonstrated Scalability

  • Batches jobs across networks to scale to billions of tasks.

Federated for Growth

  • New applications do not require network consensus.

Evolving Oracles

  • Network users can opt in to new features from job to job.

Multichain Native

  • Network-agnostic, supports multiple Layer 1 networks.

Use Cases

Machine Learning

  • AI requires labeled data. Applications running on the Protocol provide tools and connect workforces to dataset labels. This lets companies build AI using HUMAN APIs to get human insight. Millions of tasks already run via the Protocol each month.

Proof of HUMANity

  • Blockchains sometimes need to know if a real person is interacting with them. HUMAN enables on-chain verification of humanity to protect against bots. This enables blockchain-based verification for markets like token exchanges, prediction platforms, and more.

Empowering the Gig Economy

  • Recruiting labor, ensuring quality, and paying workers at scale is difficult. HUMAN enables anyone to publish a job and have it completed by a distributed workforce. In principle, almost any kind of job can be published on the Protocol, with evaluation and compensation managed by software.

Prediction Markets

  • A prediction market can be a powerful tool, but figuring out the consensus odds of any given event is difficult. Accuracy requires quantity. With access to many global responders, HUMAN enables prediction markets to ask a question and get odds on the likelihood of a result, stored on the blockchain.

Translation and More

  • Millions of people work on knowledge tasks that can be expressed via HUMAN tasks, but reaching the right people at the right time is difficult. From translation to transcription, the Protocol allows jobs of many kinds to get results from a workforce suited to the task, with quality and payment ensured by software.

HUMAN Protocol Price Today

HUMAN Protocol's current price is $ 0.0299, it has increased +1.17% over the past 24 hours.

HUMAN Protocol's All Time High (ATH) of $ 1.37 was reached on 14 Aug 2021, and is currently -97.8% down.

The current circulating supply of HUMAN Protocol is 230.55 Million tokens, and the maximum supply of HUMAN Protocol is 1.00 Billion.

HUMAN Protocol’s 24 hour trading volume is $ 161.12 Thousand.

HUMAN Protocol's current share of the entire cryptocurrency market is 0.00%, with a market capitalization of $ 6.90 Million.

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