Market Cap$ 2.22T+6.19%
24h Spot Volume$ 69.79B+24.5%
BTC Dominance49.60%+2.46%
ETH Gas43 Gwei
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Global AEX Token

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AEX is a global digital asset integrated service platform with information, community, and financial management

Global AEX Token (GAT) Chart

The Global AEX Token to USD chart is designed for users to instantly see the changes that occur on the market and predicts what will come next.

Additional Data

Total Supply

GAT 2,000,000,000

Listing Date

15 Aug 2021

All Time High

$ 0.0798

15 Aug 2021

All Time Low

$ 0.00213

27 Apr 2023

Global AEX Token Price Analysis

What is Global AEX Token (GAT)?

Founded in 2013, AEX operated by Bit World Investments Limited has become one of the earliest digital asset exchanges. As an important link of the blockchain, AEX has always played an indispensably important role in token circulation and trading. With the market growing in size and various cryptocurrency derivatives springing up in recent years, AEX has gradually evolved its positioning from the original transaction matchmaker towards a global digital asset management service provider that advocates safe investment and stable asset appreciation.

GAT is a globalized universal credit launched by AEX. The full name is Global AEX Token. The total amount of blockchain assets issued on the BTS (Bitshares) chain is 21 billion, and 2 billion is issued on the ERC20 chain. It will never be issued and can be circulated globally. There will be multiple trading platforms and BTS internal disks to support trading.

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