Market Cap$ 2.49T+1.12%
24h Spot Volume$ 20.24B+2.59%
ETH Gas3 Gwei
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General Info


FehuLayer is a quad-rollup framework on Bitcoin.

What is FehuLayer?

FehuLayer is a quad-rollup framework on Bitcoin with connected assetbits, enabled by the enshrined Bitcoin DA, featuring a L2. Optimistic Rollup (opFehu) that integrates a hybrid UTXO model for UTXO-based tokens alongside EVM programmability. Complementing this, a L2 Zero-knowledge Rollup (zkFehu) offers unparalleled cross-chain interoperability with EVM L2s and BTC L2s; and a Sovereis Rollup (soFehu) for vaulting stable assets. Further. FehuLayer integrates a L3 RollApp (appFehu), establishing an appchain dedicated to facilitating a mineralogical & gemological commodity exchange. At its core, FehuLayer. powered by Bitcoin-native programmable runes, enhances the ecosystem with essential utilities, and native liquidity. fractionalization, and yieldability. It stands out by ensuring interoperability with active UTXO-based Bitcoin fungible standards.

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