Market Cap
$ 1.34T
24h Spot Volume
$ 32.38B
BTC Dominance
80 Gwei


EPX is a new token of Ellipsis - the number 1 choice for secure low-slippage stable swapping on BNB Chain

Ellipsis Price

$ 0.00202-23.73


High / Low

High:$ 0.00285

Low:$ 0.00189

EPS token is migrating to a new token, EPX. Migration to this new Ellipsis token begins on March 31st and has no deadline. EPS token page:

Ellipsis Market Cap

FDMC: $ 267,179,942 

24h Trade Volume

$ 97,113,220 
Ƀ 3,264
EPX 47,978,695,268


EPX 12,388,744,693
EPX 132,000,000,000

All-Time-High (ATH) Price

$ 0.00323 (23 May 2022)
Ƀ 1.07e-7 (23 May 2022)
ETH 1.59e-6 (23 May 2022)
From ATH: -37.3%
To ATH: +59.6%

Ellipsis Live Chart

Ellipsis price Index provides the latest EPX price in US Dollars , BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.

The Ellipsis to USD chart is designed for users to instantly see the changes that occur on the market and predicts what will come next.

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Ellipsis Quarterly Returns (USD)


Ellipsis Monthly Returns (USD)


EPX - USD Price Change

PeriodChangeChange (%)HighLow
24H-$ 0.00063-23.7%$ 0.00285$ 0.00189
7D$ 0.000729+56.3%$ 0.00312$ 0.00128
14D$ 0.000782+63%$ 0.00312$ 0.000682
1M-$ 0.00012-5.6%$ 0.00312$ 0.000682

Ellipsis Annual Price (USD)

2022-24.2%$ 0.00312$ 0.000682

Ellipsis Live Info Today

Ellipsis's current price is $ 0.00202, it has dropped -23.7% over the past 24 hours.

Ellipsis's All Time High (ATH) of $ 0.00323 was reached on 23 May 2022, and is currently -37.3% down.

What is Ellipsis is an authorized fork of Version 1.0 has been providing Curve’s StableSwap protocol to users on the BNB chain. Version 2.0 will bring other dimensions of Curve to Ellipsis:

  • Reward gauge voting
  • Reward weight voting
  • Reward boost.

Token holders will be able to lock their tokens for vote weight, and use that weight to vote on adding rewards to pools, and on which pool they would like to direct rewards. A user’s locked tokens will also determine the level of APR boost to apply to their Liquidity Providing rewards.

The EPS token will be migrating to a new token, EPX. Migration to this new Ellipsis token begins on March 31st (time to be announced) and has no deadline. The new token will be locked from transfers or trading until the launch of the protocol.

The EPX token will have some changes from EPS:

  • Relative total supply will increase 1.5x (from 1B to 1.5B).
  • Absolute total supply will increase 88x, to 132B tokens (88x the new relative total supply, or 1.5B * 88).

Users will receive 88 EPX tokens for each EPS token they migrate. Migration instructions will be available in the documentation before migration begins.

Ellipsis is an automated market maker (AMM) or exchange that allows users and other decentralized protocols to trade between different stablecoins with very low slippage compared to other AMM solutions. Similar to Uniswap or PancakeSwap, Ellipsis uses liquidity pools for their markets and offers rewards to those who supply liquidity, also known as liquidity providers. A small fee is charged for every trade on, and a portion of this fee is split evenly between all liquidity providers. 

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