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DAO Maker creates growth technologies and funding frameworks for startups, while simultaneously reducing risks for investors.

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7 Feb — 7 Feb 2021


$ 125.00K


$ 0.100


5.51x  +451.3%




87.3x  +8,630%

DAO Price Statistics


Market Cap

$ 138.42M

Fully diluted value


$ 153.10M

ATH Market Cap

$ 668.53M

24 Trade Vol.

$ 1.97M

Vol. (24h) / MCap


Max Supply

DAO 277,524,000

Total Supply

DAO 277,524,000

Circulating Supply

DAO 250.93M

(90.4% of Max Supply)

Next Unlock

DAO 624.43K

(0.23% of Max Supply)

Listing Date

9 Feb 2021

IDO Price

$ 0.100

7 Feb 2021




All Time High

$ 8.73

21 Apr 2021

All Time Low

$ 0.503

19 Oct 2023

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What is DAO Maker (DAO)?

DAO Maker is a blockchain-enabled platform aimed at creating growth technologies and funding infrastructures for nascent projects, while simultaneously minimizing risks for investors. The platform is fueled by the ERC20 token. DAO has various use cases within the network, utility and governance purposes alike. This page shows the live market price of DAO Maker [DAO].

How Does DAO Maker [DAO] Work?

DAO Maker is a platform allowing ventures to invest in promising projects and companies at the early stages of their development. In this context, DAO Maker can be viewed as a launchpad that acts as a middleman between investors and startups in the fundraising event.

DAO Maker is alleviating the risk of participating in dubious token sale activities. Many potential investors encounter a serious problem when deciding to support this or that project. When a product is not completed yet, and the development team has not won a good name for itself, investing in such a startup is a great risk.

The purpose of the DAO Maker platform is to ensure that investors/ventures can safely engage in fundraising events, and young promising startups can raise funds for the further development of their products.

As the project launchpad, DAO maker provides growth solutions to young crypto projects saving them from the struggles of the aggressive competition. A launchpad is a platform allowing infant crypto projects to raise funds from investors. As a reward for supporting a project at the stage of its launch, investors get early access to its innovative product services.

DAO Maker offers technologies that deliver SaaS solutions to promising crypto startups and has one flagship product known as the DAO pad. This DAO pad is a multi-dynamic investment platform that enables DAO token holders to participate in token pre-sales for upcoming crypto projects.

DAO Maker demands the user to have a certain amount of DAO tokens in their account to participate in the fundraising initiative for a particular project. Currently, the fixed amount is 2000 DAO tokens to be deposited to the Venture Yield Staking Contract. Each DAO token stored in the user’s account equals 1 unit of DAO Power. DAO Power is a must-have attribute to participate in initial coin offerings (ICOs), strong holder offering (SHOs), seed funding, or Dynamic Coin Offerings (DYCOs). 

The placement of DAO tokens in Staking Contracts also generates Venture Yield Rewards. The reward size depends on the staking length. The longer you stake the greater you will be rewarded. However, users must pay 50% of earned rewards if they cancel their stake before the end of the defined staking period.

It is possible to multiply your DAO power by several times if you bid on DAO-USDC Uniswap LP tokens. By bidding on DAO tokens, you can also receive rewards in the form of the token of your chosen project, e.g. Evolution (EVN), Yield Protocol (YIELD), Open Ocean (OOE), and more.

Participants allocate the necessary amount of DAO Power to the project of their interest. They are then enrolled in a lottery to win the allocation. The more DAO Power is allocated to a specific SHO, the greater the odds of winning (more DAO Power grants the right to get into a higher tranche of the lottery).

Today, the trench system looks like this:

  • Tranche 0: 500–1999 DAO Power.
  • Tranche 1: 2,000–3,999 DAO Power.
  • Tranche 2: 4,000–9,999 DAO Power.
  • Tranche 3: >10,000 DAO Power.
  • Tranche 4: >25,000 DAO Power.
  • Tranche 5: 50,000+ DAO Power.

The amount of DAO Power that the participant allocated to a project will be locked until the token sale winners are announced. If 2000 DAO Power has been allocated and the user has become the winner, their DAO Power in the same amount will be deducted and restored after 15 days.

If the participant has not won the allocation in the SHO, DAO Power will be returned to them upon completion of the token sale, and the user can use their DAO Power to partake in the next SHO.

To participate in fundraising procedures on the DAO Maker platform, you need to do the next activities:

  • Create an account on the DAO Maker website and complete identity checks.
  • Connect your crypto wallet to the DAO Maker website.
  • Purchase a sufficient amount of DAO tokens to be able to participate in token sales (minimum 2000 DAO).
  • Deposit the purchased tokens in the DAO Staking Contract (Vault).

Users are divided into 5 categories (tiers), depending on the amount of DAO in their possession. These categories look like the following:

  • Category 1: 2,000 DAO
  • Category 2: 4,000 DAO
  • Category 3: 10,000 DAO
  • Category 4: 25,000 DAO
  • Category 5: 50,000 DAO

The more DAO Power is assigned to a particular token sale, the greater the chance to receive the guaranteed allocation and win the lottery. The chance of winning looks like the following:

  • Tranche 0: 1 × chance
  • Tranche 1: 5 × chance
  • Tranche 2: 10 × chance
  • Tranche 3: 25 × chance
  • Tranche 4: 65 × chance
  • Tranche 5: 130 × chance

Users with a higher tranche are given higher priority. The 10 participants with the highest priority get included in the project’s token sale whitelist. 

What is DAO Maker [DAO] Token?

The platform’s native cryptocurrency is an ERC-20-standard token called DAO. DAO tokens play a vital role in supporting the platform’s ecosystem and have several applications across the network.

Governance and Reward Pool. Token holders are allowed to stake their DAO assets and gain governance power over launched proposals. Participation in governance allows stakers to receive rewards generated from platform fees. Staked DAO tokens are locked for some time to ensure only participants with a long-term commitment can join this process.

Premium Access. DAO stakers also receive benefits in allocation priority and incentives. When the DAO Launchpad hosts high-demand startups, stakers will receive priority access to these projects. In case a sale receives too many participation applications on the DAO platform, DAO stakers are prioritized as they have proven on-chain reputability by providing liquidity on Automated Market Makers and off-chain proof through participation in social mining. Users can early participate in sales via DAO Premium accounts that are funded with DAO tokens.

Incentivized Long-Term Staking. Elected startups will receive assistance and services from the DAO platform and its community. Therefore, users stake their tokens to ensure that they have the motivation to analyze and evaluate projects. If they repeatedly approve dubious or scam projects, their stake will be condemned.

Where to Buy DAO Maker [DAO] Coin?

You can purchase DAO tokens with a bank card or bank transfer. Payment providers and crypto exchanges to offer DAO Coin include Transak, Uniswap,, Kucoin, ChangeNow, and OKEX. Before investing in cryptocurrencies, be aware of the fact that the DAO Token market price is volatile, meaning, it can drastically change within short periods. 

Where to Store DAO Maker [DAO] Tokens?

DAO Maker [DAO] is hosted on the Ethereum network, so it can be stored using any ETH-compatible wallet. The DAO website’s recommendations are MetaMask, WalletConnect, and Coinbase Wallet.

DAO Maker Price Today

DAO Maker's current price is $ 0.551, it has increased +1.25% over the past 24 hours.

DAO Maker's All Time High (ATH) of $ 8.73 was reached on 21 Apr 2021, and is currently -93.7% down.

The current circulating supply of DAO Maker is 250.93 Million tokens, and the maximum supply of DAO Maker is 277.52 Million.

DAO Maker’s 24 hour trading volume is $ 1.97 Million.

DAO Maker's current share of the entire cryptocurrency market is 0.01%, with a market capitalization of $ 138.35 Million.

You can find more details about DAO Maker on its official website and on the block explorer.

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