Market Cap$ 2.06T-1.35%
24h Spot Volume$ 51.77B+1.18%
BTC Dominance49.31%+0.17%
ETH Gas30 Gwei
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Art Gobblers Goo

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GOO is an ERC-20 Ethereum token emitted by Art Gobblers NFTs

Art Gobblers Goo (GOO) Chart

The Art Gobblers Goo to USD chart is designed for users to instantly see the changes that occur on the market and predicts what will come next.

Additional Data

Total Supply

GOO 222.00

Listing Date

3 Nov 2022

All Time High

$ 999.38

3 Nov 2022

All Time Low

$ 0.00186

9 Sep 2023

Art Gobblers Goo Price Analysis

What is Art Gobblers Goo (GOO)?

Art Gobblers is a decentralized art factory owned by aliens. As artists make cool art, Gobblers gains cultural relevance, making collectors want the art more, incentivizing artists to make cooler art. It's also an on-chain game. Art Gobblers are called Art Gobblers because they gobble art. In particular, they eat art that artists draw using the draw tool and turn into 1/1 NFTs using in-game resources. All the artworks a Gobbler eats belong to it on-chain and are displayed in its belly gallery forever.

Art Gobblers produce Goo tokens, which are used to produce the blank pages needed to make art. Gobblers love the smell of their own goo, so the more Goo they have in their Goo tanks, the faster they squirt out more new Goo.

Goo is an ERC-20 Ethereum token emitted by Art Gobblers NFTs. Because Goo is needed to make new Blank Pages, Art Gobblers ultimately determine what art can be created in the ecosystem, and in that way serve as co-curators of a decentralized art gallery. Goo can also be used to create new Gobblers, giving players an interesting set of strategic decisions.

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