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ALYA is a deflationary token and the name of a community that consists of many platforms which can be mined through POS & POA Consensus

Alyattes (ALYA) Chart

Alyattes price Index provides the latest ALYA price in US Dollars , BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.

Additional Data

ATH Market Cap

$ 4.21M

Total Supply

ALYA 193,913,333

Listing Date

30 Jun 2022

All Time High

$ 0.484

11 Aug 2022

All Time Low

$ 0.00493

16 Jun 2023

What is Alyattes (ALYA)?

ALYA is a deflationary token and the name of a community that consists of many platforms which can be mined through POS & POA Consensus. ALYA Mining is basically created by combining two systems (Proof of Stake & Proof of Active) and anyone in the world can start ALYA Mining with an average PC. ALYA Mining is connected to an algorithm that is completely decentralized and not under anyone’s control. This algorithm is also integrated into the system in the form of a Smart Contract.

Excellent ALYA Platforms:

  • ALYA care. It is a platform that is integrated into the natural structure of Alya and aims to provide aid for children all over of the world and touch their lives. The funding for this project is compensated by the ecosystem tokens and it's growing continuously
  • ALYA swap. It is a SWAP Platform, which includes an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that allows users instant token exchange over their decentralized Wallets
  • ALYA finance. It is the name of the general project consisting of several platforms where all financial-based operations of the ALYATTES project will be carried out and managed
  • ALYA fun. ALYA Fun is the entertainment platform for Alyattes which starts with little fun games for now. The list of games will be extended further with Scratch card, weekly Lotto and Online Casino after concluding the legal processes and obtaining the necessary permissions
  • ALYA trading. It is a platform supported by a special team within the ALYA Project to provide Trading Signals to all ALYA users. Upon a successful launching, a stronger structure will be created by supporting ALYA-AI mobile version and ALYA-AI Bot (Algorithym Trade) Services
  • ALYA ex. Although it is built on the main working principals of the known centralised crypto exchanges, it is an Exchange platform that will include its own services and will be available to all ALYA users.

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