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Altitude automates the management of collateralized debt by adjusting the LTV ratio in real time.

What is Altitude?

Altitude is a protocol that manages the loans and collateral across leading platforms in the DeFi space.  When someone borrows via Altitude, the protocol actively manages, both the loan and collateral in real time, based on market conditions to optimize the loan.

How does it work?

Once someone borrows via Altitude, the protocol continuously scans the leading lending platforms for a lower interest rate and as soon as it detects one, the loan is automatically refinanced, ensuring that the borrowers are always borrowing at the lowest available rate.

On the collateral side – the protocol monitors the value of the supplied collateral, and while the loan is over collateralized, it automatically engages unutilized collateral to generate yield by deploying funds into relevant platforms providing yield. If the value of the collateral declines, the protocol automatically rebalances to maintain a healthy Loan-to-Value ratio and as the value of the collateral increases, the protocol deploys more funds to generate additional yield.

The net effect for borrowers is that the yield generated by the protocol is used to reduce their loan, in effect automatically repaying the loan over time.

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