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24h Spot Volume$ 11.85B+43.2%
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WeBuy WE
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WeBuy Price

$ 0.410



$ 0.436

$ 0.400

About WeBuy

WeBuy provides the ability to divide ownership of NFTs by KIP-7 and ERC-20 tokenization.


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IEO ended:

2 Jun — 3 Jun 2022


$ 0.500


0.82x (-18.1%)


35.37x (+3,437.2%)


$ 300,000

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Private 2 ended:

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Private ended:

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Pre-sale ended:

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Strategic ended:

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Seed ended:

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Total Raised

$ 300,000

Initial values

FDMC $ 1,250,000,000

Token allocation

Total supply: 2,500,000,000

Private/Pre-sale: 497,500,000 (19.90%)

Public sale: 600,000 (0.02%)

  • Treasury: 40%

  • Liquidity Incentives: 25%

  • Token Sales: 20%

  • Team: 5%

  • Marketing: 5%

  • Development: 5%


Key Features
Key Features
Partners & Backers
Partners & Backers
WE Token
WE Token

About IEO WeBuy

WeBuy provides a Fractionization that makes possible for multiple people to own a single NFT together. As many high profile NFTs can easily cost up to millions of dollars, joint purchases through fractionization not only make it easier to own expensive NFTs but has the effect of providing liquidity to the NFT market.

Fractional has revolutionized and opened up new horizons in the field of NFTs. This has allowed more people to invest in NFTs. Additional advantages of purchasing NFTs through Fractionization can be found below:

1. Valuation: one of the advantages of fractional is the ability to quickly assess the market value of NFTs. For example, if you want to know the value of your NFT, you can find out the value of your NFT in the market by dividing the NFT and proceeding with fractional sales.

2. Enhanced liquidity: fractional NFT solves the liquidity problem. When selling expensive NFTs, there is a problem that the sale period can continue for a long time because only a small number of investors can afford the NFT, meaning the target market is limited. If the KIP-17 and ERC-721 NFTs you hold are separated into KIP-7 or ERC-20 tokens and sold partially, the NFTs will receive attention from the public rather than a small group of investors. This solves a significant part of the liquidity problem. 

3. Democratization of Investment: it is difficult for small investors to purchase NFTs through NFT auctions. In the case of NFT auctions, usually expensive pieces are sold, so only a small number of investors can purchase the asset. However, the advent of fractional NFTs has opened up more opportunities for small investors gathered into DAO in NFT markets that were previously only for a select few.

WE is WeBuy’s governance token that is deployed on Klaytn Mainnet. This token will be used as a governance tool in the WeBuy ecosystem.

WeBuy IEO on Huobi Primelist

To be eligible to participate in this token sale, users need to meet designated trading volume and total asset balance requirements.

User needs to sign up on Huobi Global and complete the ID verification process (KYC) before 23:00 (UTC) on June 2.

Daily spot trading volume requirement

  • Reach minimum daily spot trading volume of 500 USDT of any digital assets for 3 days before the end of the subscription period;
  • The daily average trading volume will be taken across 3 consecutive days based on the local time of your registered country;
  • Daily average spot trading volume = total spot trading volume during the subscription period / number of days in the subscription period;
  • None of the volume of spot transactions for which the fees are offset by point card will be included in the progress of the spot trading task;
  • During the subscription period, you can check your trading volume at any time on the event page. Trading volume includes both buys and sells (excluding wash trades) across all available trading pairs (excluding stablecoins pairs such as USDT/HUSD, PAX/HUSD, USDC/HUSD, USDC/USDT, TUSD/HUSD, DAI/USDT, TUSD/USDT, PAX/USDT, and DAI/HUSD, UST/USDT,USDD/USDT). 

Total asset balance requirement

  • The snapshots of your total asset balance will be taken at a random time daily from 00:00:00 (UTC+8) May 31 to 00:00:00 (UTC+8) on June 3, 2022;
  • The minimum daily average asset balance required to participate in WE Primelist is 100 USDT;
  • The maximum order size you will receive is proportional to your total asset balance on Huobi. The higher your total asset balance, the greater the maximum order size. The more assets you own, the larger number of tokens you can ordersize;
  • The asset balances in the following accounts are included in the snapshots: spot, derivatives, margin, fiat, Huobi Earn, quant, pool and options.

USDT balance requirement

  •  During the subscription process, please ensure that the USDT balance in your account is greater than the amount required for purchase.