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$ 2.08T
24h Spot Volume
$ 173.54B
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Splyt [SHOPX]
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USD 2.16
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Splyt is an e-commerce NFT infrastructure that connects e-commerce stores, brands, and affiliates.

Splyt SHOPX IDO Review

IDO is ended: 31 Mar — 31 Mar 2021

IDO platform

IDO price

$ 0.042

ROI since IDO

USD: 51.48x  (+5,047.6%)


USD: 116.63x  (11563.0%)


$ 219,000

Tokens For Sale


Seed is ended: in the Past

Seed price

$ 0.015

ROI since Seed

USD: 144.13x  (+14,313.4%)

ATH ROI since Seed

USD: 326.57x  (32556.5%)


$ 500,000

Private is ended: in the Past

Private price

$ 0.025

ROI since Private

USD: 86.48x  (+8,548.1%)

ATH ROI since Private

USD: 195.94x  (19493.9%)


$ 750,000

Private is ended: in the Past

Private price

$ 0.035

ROI since Private

USD: 61.77x  (+6,077.2%)

ATH ROI since Private

USD: 139.96x  (13895.7%)


$ 700,000

Private/Pre-sale investors were able to buy Splyt tokens at a price $ 0.015. They have got 14313.42% gain from their investments.

Splyt [SHOPX] Moon Spreadsheet

Splyt [SHOPX] trading levels.

Token economics

Total Raised

$ 2,169,000

Token allocation

Total supply:
Public sale:

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About ICO Splyt


IDOs launched on Ignition will be following the Ignition token incentive mechanism. We want everyone to be able to successfully participate in each Tier-1 IDO on the platform, so here are a few things $PAID token holders should remember:

  1. Make sure to sign-up on the Ignition Platform before the actual IDO
  2. The moment the Whitelist lottery is closed, a snapshot of your wallet will be taken. This is to document the number of valid $PAID tokens you have for the lottery. This will be the basis for the number of lottery tickets you will be given.
  3. Your wallet must HODL at least the same amount of $PAID tokens from whitelist closing, until the end of the actual IDO. Should the amount of valid $PAID tokens drop, your entry may become invalid. You are welcome to add more $PAID tokens during this period, but not deduct from the number held.
  4. You are encouraged to continue HODLing your tokens. Whitelist opportunities will appear on Ignition all the time, don’t miss out, HODL those $PAID tokens.
  5. If you reach the Galaxy tier with 75,000+ tokens you will be automatically given a guaranteed allocation. You will be guaranteed one (1) allocation for every 75,000 $PAID tokens in your wallet.
  6. Not all IDOs on Ignition will have private sale access, in this case Cosmos tier entries will instead be given two (2) guaranteed allocations — one (1) guaranteed allocation for every 75k in your wallet.
  7. There will be at least two (2) pools for IDOs on Ignition:

The Galaxy Pool: for entries with 75,000+ $PAID tokens. — Those with guaranteed allocations, will be given 1 hour to secure their automatic guaranteed allotment (one (1) allotment for every 75k $PAID tokens). Failure to enter this pool within the time given, will forfeit the guaranteed allotment for the Galaxy tier. It is important to note that if you are given another allocation through the whitelist lottery, you will have to enter the Moon Pool, to redeem those allocations.

The Moon Pool: for those who have won allotments through the whitelist lottery, one (1) lottery ticket for every 1,000 $PAID tokens. This pool will open after the Galaxy pool closes — all allotments in the Moon pool are available on a first-come-first-serve (FCFS) basis.

FAQs, and the instructions above, are also available in our PAID help center’s knowledge base which you can access here. We’ll be doing our best to have answers to all of your questions as well as instructions on using the Ignition platform there for your convenience, so make sure to bookmark it!

*Please note we will strive to meet our expected pool opening times, however should any changes occur we will update all Golden Ticket holders and the community well in advance. Please follow our Twitter or Telegram Announcement Channel closely. Thank you!