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$ 1.25T
24h Spot Volume:
$ 33.84B
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18 Gwei
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ICOPikaster ICO
Pikaster MLS
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Pikaster Price

$ 0.612



$ 0.631

$ 0.608

About Pikaster

Pikaster is a card battle game that seeks to redefine gameplay for blockchain gamers by merging play-to-earn ideas and conventional gaming.


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Pikaster IEO

IEO is ended:

18 May — 23 May 2022


$ 0.120


5.1x (+409.7%)


9.67x (+866.6%)


$ 180,000

Tokens For Sale



25% on TGE, then linearly every 2 months

Private is ended:

in the Past


Not Set

Tokens For Sale



6.25% will be unlocked at the end of each quarter after IDO

Pikaster Funding Rounds


Total Raised

$ 180,000

Initial values

Market cap: $ 1,200,000

FDMC $ 24,000,000

CirculatingMLS 10,000,000

Token allocation

Total supply: 200,000,000

Private/Pre-sale: 16,000,000 (8.00%)

Public sale: 1,500,000 (0.75%)

  • Community treasury: 62%

  • Team: 15%

  • Private/pre-sale: 8%

  • Reserves: 5%

  • Angel financing: 5%

  • Marketing: 3%

  • Liquidity pool: 1%

  • Ieo: 0.75%

  • Ido: 0.25%

Pikaster [MLS] Moon Spreadsheet


About IEO Pikaster

Pikaster features multiple gameplays to keep gamers engaged. These include expedition, idle system, Player versus Environment (PVE), and Player versus Player (PVP). Additionally, the game will have seasonal tournaments for experienced gamers. Participants will get big bonuses.

Also, players can choose to play under different weather conditions, which either favor or restrain various attributes of their Pikaster. On top of this, players can freely join guilds to fight in groups. If a group wins, its members get handsome rewards.

By offering various gameplays, Pikaster significantly increases the use cases of NFTs, widening the product and consumption channels of in-game tokens and enhancing the game’s playability.

The Pikaster game is turn-based, and players need NFTs to engage in battles. The in-game characters are titled Pikasters. Initially, the game minted 19,210 NFT Genesis eggs, which hatched into Pikasters. Players can get Pikaster by breeding, buying, or renting in the Pikaster marketplace.

There are six categories of Pikasters, namely grass, bug, water, lightning, fire, and fighting. Players can get evolved versions of these Pikasters by merging their NFTs or breeding. The evolution of a Pikaster consumes in-game tokens.

These characters have varying restraint relations. For instance, grass restrains water, water restrains fire, fire restrains grass, grass and bug restrains water and lightning, water and lightning restrain fighting and fire, fighting and fire restrains grass and bug.

To play, a gamer needs to choose three to five Pikasters to enter the battlefield. Three Pikasters enter the battleground first, and when one is defeated, another one steps in. In PVP, the winner will earn game tokens and points. In each season, the top-500 players will earn MLS rewards. PVE players will take their Pikasters on adventures and earn tokens if they complete quests.

MLS is the governance token in the Metaland universe. The token holders will get an opportunity to contribute to community governance, among other value-added benefits.

Pikaster has two in-game tokens, namely SRBS and RBS. RBS is the primary token in the game, which players earn daily. On the other hand, SRBS is scarce, and players can only earn it in advanced gameplay.

Pikaster IEO on KuCoin

The global cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin has announced its 22nd Spotlight Token Sale with Pikaster (MLS) on May 18, 2022 (UTC). KuCoin Spotlight is the exclusive token launch platform that allows users to acquire Pikaster (MLS) at the issue price of $0.12 by holding at least 100 KuCoin Token (KCS), the native token of the KuCoin Exchange.