Nintia Estate IDO (Token Sale) Review And NINTI Token Analysis |
Market Cap
$ 2.10T
24h Spot Volume
$ 39.64B
BTC Dominance
98 Gwei

Nintia Estate [NINTI]

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Ended 18 Jan
Token Sale
$ 300.00K
Fundraising Goal
Not Rated
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Nintia Estate is an NFT play-to-earn browser game that involves the Real Estate market.

Nintia Estate IDO

IDO is ended: 17 Jan — 18 Jan 2022

IDO platform

IDO price

$ 0.03

Hard Cap

$ 300,000


15% TGE, the rest 10.625% linear release every month

Tokens For Sale


Private is ended: in the Past

Private price

$ 0.013

Hard Cap

$ 130,000


10% TGE, the rest 5% linear release every month

Tokens For Sale


Nintia Estate [NINTI] Moon Spreadsheet

Nintia Estate [NINTI] trading levels.

Token economics

Initial values

Market cap$ 147,000
FDMC: $ 30,000,000
Circulating SupplyNINTI 4,900,000

Token allocation

Total supply:
Public sale:

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About ICO Nintia Estate

How to participate in IDO

On Gamestarter:

To be eligible for IDO participation you need to be whitelisted.

For any of the tiers you are required to stake the following:

  • 750 GAME for L1 [1x] (10% lottery) 5 days
  • 1250 GAME for L2 [2x] (25% lottery) 5 days
  • 2500 GAME for L3 [2x] (50% lottery) 5 days
  • 5K GAME for Guaranteed L1 [2x] 5 days
  • 7.5K GAME for Guaranteed L2 [3x] 5 days
  • 10K GAME for Guaranteed L3 [6x] 5 days
  • 15K GAME for Guaranteed L4 [14x] 5 days
  • 30K GAME for Guaranteed L5 [22x] 5 days
  • 60K GAME for Guaranteed L6 [28x] 5 days
  • 100K GAME for Legendary L1 [32x] 6 months
  • 150K GAME for Legendary L2 [32x] 3 months

About Nintia Estate

Nintia Estate is a play-to-earn game that allows users to buy, sell, and earn NFT assets related to the Real Estate world.

The country Nintia hosts 4 different cities where real-life market conditions take place. Users will look to obtain a piece of land and construct their properties on them; more land and more properties equals a higher passive income as well as having a bigger and more respectable empire! In order to start playing Nintia Estate, users must own at least one property. Their objective is to maintain their properties in optimal conditions as every day NPC (Non-Playable Character) tenants will choose and pay for their visit depending on how satisfied they were during their stay. On every land, depending on how rare and expensive they are, users can build different amounts and types of properties by using the in-game items. Each of these properties has a number of rooms that limits the number of tenants it can host at the same time; the rewards will be an amount of NE (The in-game currency) based on the number of rooms rented and the current state of the facility. Items in-game are also bought using NE.


Nintia offers many investment options over a long price range so that users consistently reinvest a percentage of their NINTI profits. The project has mechanisms for burning tokens and re-feeding the pool of rewards to users, in order to guarantee both value in price and sufficient quantity of the token over the long term. Every $NINTI spent in the Gacha or land store will be distributed as follows:

  • 95% redirected to the game reward pool.
  • 5% burned

It is crucial at all times to maintain a medium entry barrier for users and a longer return on investment than what is usually seen in other game models.

In addition, in this ecosystem, there must be a $NINTI staking system to guarantee another percentage of reinvestment by users and increase the attractive options for the uses of $NINTI.