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Hunter TokenHNTR
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Hunter Token Price

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About Hunter Token

Digital Arms – The world's first provider of a digital firearms trading platform where users can play and trade interoperable NFT assets
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Hunter Token IDO

IDO is ended:

12 Oct — 12 Oct 2022


$ 0.02


0.3x ( -70.2% )


1.14x ( +14.3% )


$ 75,000

Tokens For Sale



50% at TGE - 50% in 30 days

Private is ended:

in the Past


Not Set

Tokens For Sale



5% at TGE, 36 months linear vesting

Pre-sale is ended:

in the Past


Not Set

Tokens For Sale



25% at TGE, 6 months linear vesting

Seed is ended:

in the Past


Not Set

Tokens For Sale



5% at TGE, 36 months linear vesting


Total Raised

$ 75,000

Token allocation

Total supply: 20,000,000

Private/Pre-sale: 239,500,000 (1197.50%)

Public sale: 3,750,000 (18.75%)

  • Seed round: 17%

  • Private sale: 4.5%

  • Pre-sale: 2.45%

  • Public sale: 1%

  • Airdrop: 0.3%

  • Partners: 14%

  • Team: 19%

  • Advisors: 5%

  • Liquidity: 7%

  • Ecosystem fund: 9.75%

  • Marketing: 6%

  • Staking: 3%

  • Rewards: 11%


Vesting Schedule
Vesting Schedule

About IDO Hunter Token

Digital Arms, an NFT trading platform for firearm, gaming and hunting enthusiasts, is making it possible to buy branded NFT firearms. The team is leaning on their vast combined experience in the firearms and hunting industries to develop a world-first platform that brings non-fungible tokens to the space.

The aim is to provide a user-intuitive platform that opens up access even for newcomers to the crypto market, who will be able to buy, sell and trade NFT firearms and accessories. Regarded as the next evolution in firearms, going digital expands the use of NFTs not only as collectibles, but also for usage in gaming and other digital platforms. Digital Arms NFTs will be interoperable with video games and other digital platforms, taking user experience to the next level and allowing for cross-game firearm NFTs and skins/accessories.

HNTR Token

Hunter Token (SHNTR) is a cryptocurrency token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). It is the token that will be used throughout the Digital Arms platform, to purchase and sell NFTs, as well as to access other platform features. It is therefore an important part of the Digital Arms ecosystem.

The HNTR token will be used to facilitate the Digital Arms ecosystem.

Interactions within the Digital Arms ecosystem will require use of the HNTR Token.

Use cases:

  1. Firearm NFTs. The Digital Arms community can use their SHNTR to purchase firearm NFTs.
  2. NFT Accessories. Digital Arms NFT owners will be able to purchase accessories for their firearms, as described throughout this document.
  3. Digital Armory. Facilitate the resale of their NFTs to other users via the Digital Arms online marketplace.
  4. Ecommerce Auction site. Ecosystem for users to list and sell hunting related goods at reduced fees, more transparent transactions, and token incentives.
  5. Merchants. Hunting/firearm store merchants can accept $HNTR as payment for their goods and/or services.
  6. Advertising. Relevant merchants may pay to have their ads discreetly displayed within the Digital Arms ecosystem, or elsewhere, using SHNTR tokens.
  7. Game Developers. Game developers can pay using SHNTR to request firearm NFTs to be created which will be interoperable with their games. SHNTR may also be integrated in-game to allow gamers to transact.

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