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Market Cap
$ 2.10T
24h Spot Volume
$ 39.64B
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98 Gwei

Holysharks [HLS]

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Token Sale
$ 108.00K
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HolySharks is an art collection platform and Ocean Economy Metaverse in the underwater world named Holyworld.

Holysharks Seed

IDO coming soon: Dates not set

IDO price

$ 0.04

Hard Cap

$ 108,000


40% at TGE, 40% next month and 20% in the last month

Tokens For Sale


Private 2 coming soon: Dates not set

Private 2 price

$ 0.03

Hard Cap

$ 1,260,000


12% at TGE, linear in 10 months after TGE

Tokens For Sale


Private coming soon: Dates not set

Private price

$ 0.022

Hard Cap

$ 924,000


9% at TGE, linear in 12 months after TGE

Tokens For Sale


Seed coming soon: Dates not set

Seed price

$ 0.0125

Hard Cap

$ 300,000


5% at TGE, linear in 18 months after TGE

Tokens For Sale


Token economics

Initial values

FDMC: $ 24,000,000

Token allocation

Total supply:
Public sale:

About ICO Holysharks

HolySharks has a huge ambition to build a new level of NTFs Games that integrates with Metaverse to deliver the wonderful experiences — Ocean Economy.

HolySharks creates a universe where the citizens of Sharks can gather to develop social networks, engaging in more than 15 infrastructure sectors.

HolySharks creates an economic system where users can own “everything” needed to build a stable, booming economy and make a continuous and sustainable profit in HolyWorld. Explore the Ocean Economy with features:

  • Manufacture;
  • HolyWar Space;
  • HolyLand;
  • Commercial and Entertainment;
  • Bank System (Lender & Borrower);

Ocean economy and art collection

Battle - participate in Holywar (PVE, PVP, Tournament, Ranking, WorldBoss) to earn the reward.

Metaverse gameplay - players will participate in activities in the game such as taking care of crops, pets, digging mines etc. Recreational activities such as fishing, shopping, buying items and decorating the house.

Social connection - this metaverse allows us to connect with anyone, we can chat with each other, get married, visit friends' houses and farms, team up to fight together, or even steal each other's stuff, fight and mess with each other to create an interactive metaverse.

Ocean economy - it has a decentralized marketplace, auction, deflation system, and stored value assets to build an excellent economy.

HLS Token

Governance - HLS holders can stake HLS to receive xHLS. Holding xHLS have the right to vote for desired features;

Staking - HLS holders can stake HLS to receive xHLS. Holding xHLS will receive weekly rewards;

Payment - HLS, what used to reduce fees on the marketplace is the main currency of payment in the marketplace;

Evolution fee - use HLS or GDC to evolve Sharks;

Marry fee - use HLS or GDC to celebrate a wedding and born a new NFT shark with their parents' strengths and have a rate to create new, more vital abilities.

90% of Holysharks revenue is the rest of holy treasury that will buy back HLS to keep and increase the sustainable HLS price. Then, We use indirect and direct ways to do it, including organizing incentives programs, events, and marketing campaigns - everything to attract new users or burn HLS if a month has no plan.