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ICOActa Finance ICO
Acta Finance ACTA
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Token Sale


About Acta Finance

Acta Finance is a cross-dual-chain DeFi ecosystem powered by Cardano and Avalanche.


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Acta Finance IDO

IDO coming soon:

Dates not set


$ 0.135

Tokens For Sale



$ 200,000


40% on TGE, 1 month cliff, monthly distribution

IDO ended:

14 Mar — 14 Mar 2022


$ 0.135

Tokens For Sale



$ 200,000


40% on TGE, 1 month cliff, monthly distribution

Private ended:

in the Past


$ 0.100

Tokens For Sale



$ 1,950,000


10% on TGE, 3 months cliff, vesting over 12 months


Total Raised

$ 2,350,000

Initial values

Market cap: $ 914,625

FDMC $ 26,325,000

CirculatingACTA 6,775,000

Token allocation

Total supply: 195,000,000

Private/Pre-sale: 19,500,000 (10.00%)

Public sale: 2,962,962 (1.52%)

  • Incentives: 51.28%

  • Treasury: 20.51%

  • Private/Pre-Sale: 10%

  • Team: 5.13%

  • Seed: 4.62%

  • Public Sale: 2.56%

  • Strategic Sale: 2.56%

  • Advisors: 2.31%

  • Liquidity: 1.03%

Acta Finance [ACTA] Moon Spreadsheet


About IDO Acta Finance

Acta Finance Ecosystem

The staking rewards are allocated every second and are free to be claimed or compounded. As the user benefits from staking, we also want to have the incentives available as long as possible, if not forever. For that reason there will be fees in place not only to refill the incentives pool, but also for your referral tree (with possible kickback). This way, everybody benefits and gets rewarded for their activity on the platform.

Farming option by Acta Finance Swap offers liquid markets and motivates liquidity providers by creating Farming pools. While the token swapper pays the 0.3% fee to trade on Acta Finance Swap, the liquidity provider earns crypto for providing liquidity that the first user will need. Deposit fee - 0% and withdrawal fee - 1%.

Lending - lend crypto to borrowers in exchange for interest, up to 2% daily. Lending on Acta Finance feeds the margin requests on Acta Finance Swap.

Swap is an asset swap protocol with margin trading. The margin trading fee on Swap is 0.4% which get distributed to LP (0.3%) and to development fund (0.1%). The debt is being calculated with the open loan amount and by time duration with the lending ratio. Once a lending contract starts, it automatically calculates for the first 30min (1800s). Liquidations happen by the platform when there the risk / threat hits 95%. Liquidation events are only triggered by the Decentralized Price feed from the Oracle and involves automatically using collateral in the position to buy back the borrowed asset to repay principal + interest.

Launchpad incubates projects that build on Avalanche or Cardano. The fundraising on Acta Finance Launchpad will have 2 allocations: Private lottery pool for Acta Token holders (by Tier levels) and whitelisting lottery pool, organized by project.

DAO Program consists of several categories of participants with set of rights and functions:

  • Counselor must have at least 25000 $ACTA and lock it for 3 months to have a vote power for smartcontract audit, to earn 3% $ACTA staking fees.
  • Minister must have at least 50000 $ACTA and lock it for 2 months to have a vote power for smartcontract audit and farming pools and to earn 7% of staking fees, 5% of margin liquidation fees and 0,5% of Launchpad revenue.
  • Ambassador must have at least 100000 $ACTA and lock it for 1 month to have a vote power for smartcontract audit, farming pools and $ACTA Launchpad. Ambassador earns 10% of $ACTA staking fees, 15% of margin liquidation fees, 2% of Launchpad revenue and 1% of realized lending profits.