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24h Spot Volume$ 15.84B+4.48%
BTC Dominance44.37%+0.28%
ETH Gas11 Gwei

KingdomStarter Launchpad

Rank: 41

Year Of Foundation: 2021




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  • GameFi:49.1%

  • Blockchain Service:21.8%

  • Others:20%

  • DeFi:9.1%

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About KingdomStarter Platform

KingdomStarter is a GameFi Launchpad and gaming market for gamers. KingdomStarter is designed as a platform to enable the most promising projects to propel their products and to kickstart their ideas. Besides, it gives investors an opportunity to have early notice of the budding projects and access to vetted token sales at an early stage.

How to participate in an IDO

In order to participate in an IDO on KingdomStarter users must buy and stake KDG Tokens or/and to have KDG-BUSD LP Staked. KingdomStarter has a following Tier System:

  • 5,000 KDG staked - access to Public Sale community allocation, social media interaction is required;
  • 100,000 KDG/6,700 KDG-BUSD LP staked - Star Tier Level provides a guaranteed public sale allocation, social media interaction is required;
  • 200,000 KDG/13,400 KDG-BUSD LP staked - Mercury Tier Level provides a guaranteed public sale allocation, social media interaction is required;
  • 400,000 KDG/26,800 KDG-BUSD LP staked - Venus Tier Level provides a guaranteed public sale allocation;
  • 800,000 KDG/53,600 KDG-BUSD LP staked - Earth Tier Level provides a guaranteed public sale allocation;
  • 1,500,000 KDG/105,500 KDG-BUSD LP staked - Mars Tier Level provides a guaranteed public sale allocation, seed & private sale allocation and access to a private group.

Once the IDO is open, a user can find the IDO project in the opening pools. User needs to switch a wallet network to the network of the IDO project. The team suggests using Metamask or wallets that generate the same address across different networks, as the address that user uses for staking and buying has to be the same.

Find how to join IDOs on multi-chain here.

Check your allocation. According to the tier system, the team will set a range of funds (Min-Max range) needed to commit for each tier. If user is whitelisted for a Pool of the IDO project. The “Commit Fund” button will be enabled and user will see the range of funds that needs to be committed to the pool.

Commit your fund. User can start to commit the accepted cryptocurrency to buy the IDO tokens before the indicated deadline by

  • Clicking on “Commit fund"
  • Entering the amount an user wants to invest =>the fund will be committed into the pool and allocation will be switched to “Calculating” status.

Claim the remaining fund. When the token sale ends, the system will recalculate based on the tier system. And now user can see the allocation corresponding with the fund user has committed and the amount of the Fund change that needs to be claimed. Click “Claim remaining fund” to get the leftover amount of the funds.

Public Round without staking

Unsold tokens from IDO phase 1 will move to phase 2. This phase will be open for everyone, no whitelist, no staking.

Allocation: Depends on how many tokens left and depends on each IDO. Allocation will be announced before Phase 2 starts.


  • If tokens at phase 1 have sold out, there will be no phase 2.
  • This phase is for all users, no need to stake KDG
  • The team applied the first come, first served rule. => For example, there are $3,000 tokens left after phase 1 and for phase 2 the allocation range for each slot will be $10-$30. The fastest 100-300 users that committed their funds will be able to participate and buy tokens in phase 2.

Step to join: It will be the same as phase 1: Find the pool -> Commit your fund -> Claim remaining.