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FireStarter Launchpad

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About FireStarter Platform

About FireStarter

FireStarter is set to be one of the first native Launchpad’s on the Polygon Network. This integration allows for launchpad projects to drastically lower all costs related to IDO processes through Polygon’s Proof-of-Stake protocol. In considering the future, FireStarter’s early adoption of Polygon allows for rapid scalability as interest in IDO Launchpads grow and new users are onboarded.

How to participate in IDO

FLAME Power and Tiers:

FLAME Power is an aggregated calculation that takes into account the various utilites of the $FLAME Token and FireStarter Ecosystem. Sources of FLAME Power can be calculated based off of the following:

Locking Tokens: 1 $FLAME = 1 FLAME Power

Staking Tokens: .001 FLAME-QS LP Token = 1,000 FLAME Power

FS Metaverse Champion NFT: 1 Hiro = 4,500 FLAME Power

Staking will follow the ratio of .001 FLAME-QS LP = 1000 FLAME Power. Example .0001 FLAME-QS LP = 100 Flame Power or .0018 FLAME-QS LP = 1800 Flame Power

Depending on the amount of FLAME Power accumulated, wallets will be divided into 5 FireStarter Tiers — starting with Light and ranking up to Flame. Your FireStarter Tier will determine the amount of allocation for each project.

LIGHT — 100+ FLAME Power

SPARK — 500+FLAME Power

SMOKE — 5,000+ FLAME Power

FIRE — 10,000+ FLAME Power

FLAME — 25,000+ FLAME Power

All users regardless of Tier and place on the FLAME Leaderboard must apply to the IMO Whitelist to be eligible for IMO participation.

IMO Access Type

Surprise Lottery — Whitelist applicants qualified for the Light Tier will get access to the Surprise Lottery Round: 10 lucky lottery winners will receive an airdrop of the IMO token on launch date. The winners will be announced publicly and on our project page.

FCFS Whitelist Lottery — All users with at least 500 FLAME Power (Spark Tier) will be eligible to participate in the lottery for a place in the FCFS Whitelist.

  • For every 500 FLAME Power, users will get 1 lottery ticket. The more FLAME Power users have, the higher your chance of winning a participation spot. For example, having 4,500 FLAME Power would mean you have 9 tickets.
  • Max Allocation per Tier = Base Allocation * Base Allocation Multiplier

Guaranteed Allocation — The Top 25 Wallets ranked by Total FLAME Power have guaranteed access and allocation to our projects IMOS. Hiro NFT Holders will also be able to access Guaranteed Allocation by holding Hiro at the time of whitelisting and until successful IMO completion.

  • Hiro holders who don’t have $FLAME locked are qualified for the base allocation amount per IMO.
  • Those who have reached a specific Tier — will get the allocation per respective Tier guaranteed. For example, the wallet which has 5,007 total FLAME Power and holds Hiro — will get 2x of the Base Allocation guaranteed (500 USD in the example below).

FireStarter will define a Base (minimum) Allocation Amount per each IMO dependent on the total amount raised by the project and number of qualified users per each Tier applied for a specific IMO whitelist.

FLAME Leaderboard

The FLAME Leaderboard reflects those with the most FLAME Power. The Top 25 Wallets are Guaranteed Allocation, while the Top 10 do not have a Cooldown Period placed on their wallet.

FireStarter IMO Participation Process

  • In order to prepare for IMO participation, users must accumulate FLAME Power in a verified wallet. Please make sure you have gone through the KYC process to verify your wallet. You do not need to go through separate KYC verification for each IMO.
  • Users may then apply to a Project’s IMO Whitelist during specified application period.
  • Applicants qualified for Guaranteed Access must still apply for Whitelist.
  • Applicants qualified for FCFS Whitelist Lottery will take part in a lottery based on the amount of lottery tickets held. Every 500 FLAME Power grants 1 lottery ticket for a chance to win a spot on the FCFS Whitelist.
  • All whitelisted users are announced and whitelisted status is displayed on
  • Users who qualify for Guaranteed Allocation will be able to invest in the IMO during the first 12 hours of the announced IMO period.
  • FCFS Whitelist Lottery participants will be able to participate immediately after the time for Guaranteed Whitelist ends. Max allocation depends on users Tier. The maximum duration of FCFS Whitelist IMO period is 12 hours, but make sure to swap your funds as soon as possible as we expect most of the FCFS IMOs to be sold out in seconds.
  • Surprise Lottery Round winners will receive airdrop of the IMO token at the launch date.
  • Cooldown Period: If a user has successfully participated in an IMO on Guaranteed or FCFS basis, the wallet used to swap the tokens will be placed on a cooldown period of 7 days. (For more details on Cooldown period, read the respective section below).