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Gasp (Mangata)

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Gasp is native cross-chain protocol for Ethereum rollups secured by EigenLayer.

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What is Gasp (Mangata)?

Gasp offers native cross-chain swaps without resorting to traditional bridges through the power of escape hatches which guarantee the withdrawal of user funds at all times, ZK proofs and decentralized sequencers.

The Gasp network also relies on Ethereum for transaction finality through EigenLayer, making it one of the first AVSs (Actively Validated Service) in the ecosystem.

ZK-rollups alone are not powerful enough to ensure the validity of cross-chain swaps. They can only attest to transactions within a single rollup, but not between them, such as an ARB<>OP swap. 

To realize our vision of building an exchange protocol that allows rollup-native liquidity, we require a trustless source of truth attesting to the honest behavior of the protocol facilitating cross-chain swaps itself. So we asked ourselves, can Ethereum vouch for Gasp? EigenLayer makes it possible.

Gasp on EigenLayer will make cross-chain atomic swaps as easy as calling a smart contract on Ethereum or any other connected chain.

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