Market Cap
$ 1.24T
24h Spot Volume
$ 31.99B
BTC Dominance
9 Gwei


Everipedia is a decentralized on-chain Encyclopedia, founded in 2014

Everipedia Price

$ 0.00638-0.15


High / Low

High:$ 0.00651

Low:$ 0.00635

Everipedia Market Cap

$ 74,411,364 
Ƀ 3,021
FDMC: $ 134,019,432 
ATH: $ 3,659,518,856 

24h Trade Volume

$ 421,475 
Ƀ 17.11
IQ 66,042,538


IQ 11,659,791,548(94.67%)
IQ 12,316,791,552
IQ 21,000,000,000

All-Time-High (ATH) Price

$ 0.314 (14 Jul 2018)
Ƀ 0.00005 (14 Jul 2018)
ETH 0.000722 (14 Jul 2018)
From ATH: -98%
To ATH: +4,818%

Everipedia Live Chart

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The Everipedia to USD chart is designed for users to instantly see the changes that occur on the market and predicts what will come next.

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Everipedia Quarterly Returns (USD)


Everipedia Closing Price (USD) - Quarterly

2022$ 0.0107$ 0.00416--
2021$ 0.0289$ 0.0119$ 0.0125$ 0.0118
2020$ 0.000984$ 0.00172$ 0.0019$ 0.00297
2019$ 0.00322$ 0.00399$ 0.00178$ 0.00118
2018--$ 0.00981$ 0.00258

Everipedia Monthly Returns (USD)


IQ - USD Price Change

PeriodChangeChange (%)HighLow
24H-$ 0.00...094-0.15%$ 0.00651$ 0.00635
7D$ 0.000367+6.1%$ 0.00676$ 0.00568
14D$ 0.000472+7.98%$ 0.00691$ 0.00565
1M$ 0.00183+40.1%$ 0.00691$ 0.00445
3M$ 0.000396+6.61%$ 0.00691$ 0.00356
6M-$ 0.00289-31.2%$ 0.0188$ 0.00356
YTD-$ 0.00542-45.9%$ 0.0188$ 0.00356
1Y-$ 0.00877-57.9%$ 0.0296$ 0.00356
3Y$ 0.004+167.7%$ 0.0395$ 0.000596

Everipedia Annual Price (USD)

2022-45.7%$ 0.0188$ 0.00356
2021+293.3%$ 0.0395$ 0.00289
2020+151.8%$ 0.00473$ 0.000596
2019-54.4%$ 0.00698$ 0.00109
2018-95.1%$ 0.314$ 0.00226

Everipedia Live Info Today

Everipedia's current price is $ 0.00638, it has dropped -0.15% over the past 24 hours.

Everipedia's All Time High (ATH) of $ 0.314 was reached on 14 Jul 2018, and is currently -98% down.

The current circulating supply of Everipedia is 11.66 Billion tokens, and the maximum supply of Everipedia is 21.00 Billion.

Everipedia’s 24 hour trading volume is $ 421.48 Thousand.

Everipedia's current share of the entire cryptocurrency market is 0.01%, with a market capitalization of $ 74.41 Million.

What is Everipedia

Everipedia is a decentralized on-chain Encyclopaedia, founded in 2014. In response to the centralized nature of Wikipedia, which restricts the topics that users can write about, Everipedia launched as an unrestricted knowledge and information platform. The platform is community-governed and users can write about any topic they like.  

To power the network the project created its native DeFi, NFT, and Oracle token, Everipedia (IQ). The IQ token was first launched in 2018 and it is a multichain compatible token that is available on the Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and EOS blockchains.

The company has also launched other projects including a future market prediction platform, PredIQt, which allows users to predict the likelihood of future events. Other projects include Everipedia OraQles, a first-party oracle service, and HiIQ. In the future, Everipedia plans to create Brainchain. Brainchain will be the first blockchain designed to bring human knowledge and information on-chain. The IQ token will be the native token of Brainchain too.

What are IQ’s key features and how does it work?

The Everipedia platform works via a three-module system. The three modules are a token module, a governance module, and an article submission module. The token module is used for making changes to the token balances of addresses. The governance module is used for submitting changes to IQ token holders who vote on regulation proposals, The article module is responsible for proposing edits to articles in the database.

The platform seeks to increase access to content creation and information. To do this, it allows a broader range of citation sources than Wikipedia and has created a content review process that enables the participation of a greater number of individuals. Anyone can participate and create content pages on any topic as long as articles are properly referenced and objective. Since it is a peer-to-peer network, it is not subject to country-specific censorship. This means that anyone around the world can access the information.

The IQ token is the utility token used for Everipedia Encylopedia as well as the company’s other projects PredIQt, HiIQ, and Everipedia OraQles. To participate in the Everipedia ecosystem, for example, to edit Everipedia articles and topics, users must stake IQ tokens. To bet on future events using the predIQt platform users must use IQ tokens. Users earn IQ tokens as rewards for correctly predicting events. The IQ token is also a governance token, IQ token holders can approve any edits made to articles. Through a voting system, users can create or edit rules that govern the platform.

What is noteworthy about IQ?

Everipedia is unique as it is the first and the largest platform that uses blockchain technology to create a community-governed knowledge and information platform. It has thus created a new class of use cases for blockchain technology.

Furthermore, at present many information sources (e.g. Newspaper corporations, state news channels) are centrally owned and governed by wealthy individuals, governments, or groups who may have political and economic interests, as such information published is often biased and released as part of a particular agenda. Since Everipedia is decentralized, it will avoid having a centralized governing body with certain economic or political interests and it should maintain neutrality.

To avoid the creation of misinformation or malicious articles the IQ platform uses a cost and reward system to punish bad actors and reward positive contributions. For example, the network hosts a ‘Best Page of the Week’ contest where first, second and third place articles are rewarded in IQ. This reward system also incentives the creation of content.

Where can you buy IQ?

IQ is available to buy from the CEXs and DEXs here. It is listed on several major exchanges including Binance and OKX. The price of IQ will vary depending on the exchange. It is also likely to fluctuate depending on current levels of market interest. For more detailed price information please view the price charts above.

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