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Use the gift card to buy $50 worth of land on Next Earth.

Next Earth is the largest web3 Metaverse with the most landowners. Collect and trade lands, link your website to them or build your business on the web3 platform. Join Next Earth, and be part of a better future!

The Metaverse is one of the most promising developments in new technology and in the digital world. The Next Earth Metaverse Land Gift Card makes it possible for everybody to own a piece of the Metaverse and grab up to $50 worth of NFT lands.

Next Earth replicates planet Earth, so every tile of the Metaverse corresponds to a real existing place. This means you can buy and own every place virtually that exists on Earth (NFT) – at least those still available! May it be a medieval castle in France, an ultramodern skyscraper in Dubai, a piece of the Great Wall of China… or even your actual home. Collect, trade, link your website to them or build your business upon them - join the world's largest Earth-based Metaverse on web3 right now!

With almost 300,000 registered users and nearly 50,000 landowners, Next Earth is one of the largest Metaverses in the World, and the first one in web3 being on the exact copy of planet Earth.

Build your own Web3 app on the fully Web2-compatible Next Earth OS and unlock the power of dynamic NFTs.

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How To Use The Rewards (Voucher Code):

1 - To be able to use the platform and the Metaverse Land Gift Card, users have to register on Next Earth.

2 - Visit NextEarth Map & Select any tiles/lands on the map, click on "Buy Now" and you'll be able to insert the Voucher Code.

3 - Gift cards can be redeemed from 24th December 2022 and are valid for 1 year.


  • Metaverse Gift Card codes can be used for one transaction only, when the transaction is completed, the Metaverse Gift Card code expires immediately, independent of the value of the transaction!
  • If you purchase for a lower value than the value of the Metaverse card in a single transaction, the rest of the value is lost. No compensation is possible.
  • It is not possible to purchase for a higher value than the value of the Metaverse Gift Card. If you have more tiles selected, deselect some tiles until the value matches your Metaverse Gift Card.
  • Metaverse Gift Cards can be used to buy available tiles on the map of Next Earth and they cannot be used for Marketplace transactions.
  • One person is only entitled to buy 10, and use 1 voucher/gift card within a year. You can find more information here!
  • land can be selected in a 5 km2 radius and once the transaction is done, the code gets deactivated.
  • Next Earth $50 Metaverse Land Gift Cards are redeemable on the official Next Earth Website from the 24th of December.

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