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Instructions for completing tasks and activities for SupraOracles

Complete the tasks to qualify for potential airdrops and rewards. Follow step-by-step instructions and track task updates and statuses to become one of the potential recipients of the SupraOracles Airdrop.

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Complete missions

Participate in the Blast Off program and get $SUPRA tokens for completing simple tasks.

1. Go to the website and click "Sign in". Register your account.


2. Next, click "Get started" and complete passport verification (KYC). 


3. Complete missions and get stars and $SUPRA tokens for them!


We have prepared answers to all missions for you. Just copy the question, paste it into the search and find the answer!


Mission 1:

What kind of data do oracles help smart contracts access on the blockchain?

-All of the above

How much value was stolen from bridges in 2022 alone?

-Over $2 billion USD


Mission 2:

Which of the following is NOT true about Supra compared to other oracles?

-Supra’s performance and security are at par with other oracles


Mission 3:

Can nodes reverse transaction finality before they’re written on Supra?

-Blocks on Supra cannot be reversed after they are finalized


Mission 4:

What is Supra’s security method that delivers better oracle decentralization, scalability, and performance?

-Tribes and clans randomization method


Mission 5:

Which NFTs in the metaverse need Supra’s speed, accuracy, and fast finality to change with real world events?

-Dynamic NFTs


Mission 6:

Which of the following is responsible for keeping DORA secure and consistently blazing fast?

-All of the above


Mission 7:

What is the Tick-Start protocol of DORA?

-A method to start a new round of agreement without waiting for earlier rounds to finish.


Mission 8:

What is the purpose of agreement distance in DORA?

-To ensure accuracy in the final result.


Mission 9:

How do Supra’s price feeds make DeFi better?

-All of the above


Mission 10:

Who does cross-chain interoperability help?

-All of the above


Mission 11:

What are the three key characteristics of good randomness for Web3?

-Unpredictable, unbiased, verifiable


Mission 12:

How does Supra VRF achieve a decentralized process?

-By utilizing a threshold signature generated by a randomized VRF committee


Mission 13:

Which of the following is true about the impact of Supra VRF on Web3 gaming?

-Ensuring fair and unpredictable outcomes


Mission 14:

What is the purpose of randomization in DORA?

-It secures the protocol from manipulation


Mission 15:

How much discount does SNAP offer dApps for the first 6 months?

-100% off


Mission 16:

Which projects can be referred by SNAP Affiliates?

-Any project on available networks


Mission 17:

What are bridges used for?

-To move between two unique blockchains


Mission 18:

Where does HyperNova’s cross-chain bridgeless technology get its security from?

-The cryptographic proofs of the origin chain’s consensus as well as Supra’s consensus

What is the primary advantage of Supra’s HyperNova over traditional bridges in cross-chain transactions?

-It preserves Layer 1 security guarantees through the entire transaction cycle


Mission 19:

How does Supra HyperNova benefit DeFi traders in cross-chain scenarios?

-By preserving the security guarantees of the source chain

How does Supra HyperNova impact the risk-reward equation for cross-chain DeFi traders?

-It levels the playing field by removing conventional bridge-related risks

How does Supra HyperNova achieve cross-chain interoperability without compromising security?

-By translating the source chain’s proof into a universally verifiable proof


Mission 20:

What does Supra’s HyperNova provide beyond just bridging assets in Web3?

-Universal translation and communication between blockchains

How does Supra’s HyperNova transform Web3?

-By cryptographically connecting blockchains and their communities across Web3

How does Supra’s HyperNova benefit multi-chain gaming?

-It can expand the player pool across different blockchains


Mission 21:

How many utilities of the $SUPRA token are explained in this mission?


How does the $SUPRA token contribute to network security?

-Users can lock their tokens to enhance network security and earn rewards

How does the $SUPRA token encourage long-term user loyalty?

-It rewards loyalty with discounted access to network services


Mission 22:

How does the $SUPRA token extend its utility beyond its native network?

-By integrating with 40+ different blockchain networks and counting.


Mission 23:

Why is tokenomics important in blockchain projects?

-It helps align incentives, promote participation, and foster decentralization

How does the $SUPRA token promote decentralization?

-By involving the community and active participants in its tokenomics

What does tokenomics refer to in the blockchain context?

-The economic principles underlying the creation and operation of digital tokens


Mission 24:

What is the benefit for Blast Off players in this token sale?

-They get to skip verification and KYC steps during the public sale

Which digital token can be used to participate in the sale?



Mission 25:

How much block throughput improvement does Supra’s Moonshot consensus have compared to the prevailing state-of-the-art?

-Over 54%

How does Moonshot’s rapid block finality and increased throughput benefit various use cases on the blockchain?

-It improves performance across all blockchain use cases it reaches

How does Supra’s Moonshot improve speed and performance impact blockchain applications?

-It enhances the speed, security, and accessibility of blockchain transactions


Mission 26:

Which term best describes Supra’s network that integrates multiple infrastructural and interoperability solutions?


What is the Moonshot consensus’ improvement over the current leading consensus mechanism?

-It’s 54% faster in finality latency and 40% better in block throughput

When Moonshot consensus is integrated into Supra’s network, what does it boost?

-All of Supra`s protocols and services


Mission 27:

How does the Supra Network manage its node groups’ involvement in different services?

-Randomly assign and regularly reshuffle nodes in sub-committees

What does Supra refer to the smaller node groups within its network as?


What does the Supra Network’s approach to service security and decentralization resemble?

-Decentralized microservice architecture


Mission 28:

Which term is used to describe Supra’s bridgeless cross-chain communication capabilities?


What is Supra’s role as an IntraLayer in the Web3 landscape?

-Infrastructure and interoperability hub

How is Supra transforming the Web3 landscape for builders?

-By providing essential services on a decentralized, interoprable network


Mission 29:

Why are liquidity pools considered decentralized in nature?

-Community-provided liquidity from a distributed network of providers

What role do liquidity pools play in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space?

-Facilitate trade and exchange of cryptocurrencies and digital assets

Who are the providers in the context of liquidity pools, and what role do they play?

-Community members providing liquidity in exchange for fees


Mission 30:

What problem does Supra aim to solve with its Cross-chain Liquidity Network?

-Fragmentation of liquidity pools across different blockchains

Why do we need liquidity pools connected across different networks?

-To let anyone move freely across blockchains with their assets and tokens

Why are pre-existing liquidity pools stranded on their blockchains?

-Because they have no native way to reach other blockchains


Mission 31:

What core DeFi principle will Supra’s Cross-chain Liquidity Network reinforce?

-Enabling more widespread decentralization across blockchains

What will be the primary focus of Supra’s Cross-chain Liquidity Network?

-Opening DeFi doors across all chains

What key benefits will Supra’s Cross-chain Liquidity Network provide to DeFi users?

-Faster and smoother trading experiences across an interconnected Web3 landscape


Mission 32:

What is one of the main objectives of the price discovery mechanism in Supra’s Liquidity Network?

-Fairer and more accurate prices

What risk do liquidity providers face in the current state of isolated DeFi markets?

-Impermanence loss for liquidity providers

How does Supra’s Cross-chain Liquidity Network solve price gaps across different DeFi marketplaces?

-By integrating Supra’s decentralized cross-chain oracle


Mission 33:

In traditional proof-of-work blockchains, who has the opportunity to extract value from liquidation events?


Why are oracles considered crucial in the context of Oracle Extractable Value?

-They bring real-world data onto blockchains, triggering events like liquidations

In a proof-of-stake network, what term is used for the phenomenon similar to Miner Extractable Value and Oracle Extractable Value?

-Maximal Extractable Value


Mission 34:

How does Supra address the challenges posed by Oracle Extractable Value (OEV)?

-By cutting out oracle latency and predictability with DORA

Why did Supra need to solve the problem of OEV?

-To prevent the theft of value from well-meaning traders

What does OEV stand for in the context of the mission?

-Oracle Extractable Value


Mission 35:

Why did the concept of Automated Market Makers (AMMs) emerge in the world of Web3?

-To eliminate the need for a centralized matching agent

What inherent drawbacks and risks does the AMM model still face in DeFi?

-High slippage, impermanent loss, and less than ideal risk mitigation

What does DFMM stand for, according to the mission?

-Dynamic Function Market Maker


Mission 36:

What is the key impact of Supra’s DFMM on DeFi?

-Makes DeFi more user friendly and boost adoption

Where does DFMM get it’s price information from?

-Supra Oracles and a decentralized virtual order book

What AMM problems does Supra’s DFMM solve?

-High slippage and impermanence loss of AMMs


Mission 37:

How does Supra’s DFMM differ from traditional AMMs?

-DFMM integrates cross-chain liquidity networks and oracles

How does Supra’s DFMM and its cross-chain DEX benefit DeFi traders?

-More accurate prices with maximum trading speed and efficiency

How does the integration of cross-chain liquidity networks and oracles within Supra’s DFMM create a major shift in DeFi?

-It lays the foundation for an enshrined cross-chain Decentralized Exchange


Mission 38:

Why does Supra anticipate service fees for protocols like oracle and VRF to decline in the long run?

-The inevitable trend in tech towards lower fees for services

How does the Supra network plan to generate revenue in the future?

-Generating revenue from cross-chain liquidity

Who benefits from Supra’s cross-chain liquidity network?

-Liquidity providers, dApp builders, and the Supra network


Mission 39:

How will Supra encourage dApps to access their services?

-Free access to services by staking in-demand tokens

Why is liquidity is crucial in Web3?

-To enable smooth asset exchange

What is the primary incentive for node operators to provide liquidity?

-Earning both block rewards and liquidity fee-share


Mission 40:

Why does Supra’s vertical integration matter for blockchain development?

-It provides a seamless developer experience

What network design breakthrough does Supra utilize for its multi-service integration?

-Tribes and Clans

What is the core consensus technology that powers the Supra network?

-Moonshot consensus


Mission 41:

How does Supra’s Web3 automation handle cross-chain conditions?

-With Supra’s natively integrated cross-chain communication via HyperNova.

What does Supra’s Web3 automation aim to become a headquarters for?

-Cross-chain DeFi and Automation

How does Supra’s Web3 automation differ from other off-chain automation mechanisms?

-It integrates natively into Supra’s Layer 1, oracle, and HyperNova.


Mission 42:

What is the ultimate goal of Supra’s grand design for the blockchain?

-To integrate all qualities and services into one super chain

What does Supra aim to do with its ultimate super chain?

-Creating a vertically integrated all-in-one blockchain

What is the significance of vertical integration in Supra’s design?

-It gives devs a simpler all-in-one platform to build on


Mission 43:

What is a key benefit of building with Supra’s vertically integrated super chain?

-Seamless integration of services with uniform security guarantees

How does Supra’s ultimate super chain differ from modular chains?

-Supra integrates all essential services and functions into one network

What is the key benefit of Supra’s ultimate super chain for developers?

-Harmonized stack for building dApps


Mission 44:

What upcoming Supra service combines the power of Supra Oracles and HyperNova to automate complex cross-chain transactions?

-Supra’s automation network

Besides smart contract platforms, what essential services do apps need that Supra gives devs which traditional blockchains don’t?

-Native oracles, randomness, cross-chain comms, and automation

How is Supra simplifying the journey for developers, as mentioned in the mission?

-By providing a unified stack with vertical integration of multiple blockchain services


Mission 45:

What is the role of validators in a Proof of Stake (PoS) network?

-Confirming transactions

Why is attracting staked capital crucial for the security of a PoS blockchain?

-To secure the blockchain and its database of transactions

How does Supra’s Proof of Efficient Liquidity (PoEL) model differ from traditional approaches in attracting staked capital?

-By letting AMM liquidity providers stake their locked liquidity


Mission 46:

How does Supra’s Proof of Efficient Liquidity protocol boost the network’s security?

-It integrates assets submitted to liquidity pools to diversify the asset base of network security

How does Supra’s Proof of Efficient Liquidity protocol offer dual-rewards for token contributors to the network?

-It helps them earn both AMM fees and staking rewards with the same capital

Which elements of Supra’s blockchain does the Proof of Efficient Liquidity protocol revolutionize?

-Capital efficiency of the network’s cross-chain AMM and staking mechanism


Mission 47:

What does “desirable capital” mean in Supra’s PoEL Protocol?

-Assets that bring resilience against devaluation and are in high demand for trading

What is the primary purpose of Supra’s Proof of Efficient Liquidity Protocol?

-To maximize utility of capital across both network security and AMM

How does Supra’s PoEL Protocol bring unique protection against weakening of the network security due to devaluation of staked assets?

-By incentivizing limited diversification of the asset base staked in the network


Mission 48:

What does the collateralization rate determine in Supra’s PoEL Protocol?

-The amount of staking tokens allocated to liquidity providers of a given liquidity pool

How does Supra’s Proof of Efficient Liquidity (PoEL) Protocol attract the right digital assets to achieve its objectives?

-By adjusting rewards, interest rates, and collateralization rates based on user activity and asset quality

How does Supra’s PoEL Protocol incentivize users to provide more stable assets?

-By allocating more staking tokens to liquidity providers of stable assets


Mission 49:

Which upgrade to Bitcoin’s code enabled new possibilities for Layer-2 solutions?


How does Supra support Bitcoin Layer- 2 networks?

-By offering oracle services

What kind of dApps does Supra’s Million Dollar Bitcoin Accelerator support?

-DeFi dApps built on any Bitcoin Layer-2s


Mission 50:

What is the primary focus of Supra’s Million Dollar Bitcoin DeFi Accelerator?

-Supporting growth of dApps on Bitcoin Layer-2 networks

What is the incentive for individuals to refer Bitcoin Layer-2 dApps to Supra?

-Financial reward of $1,500 per referral

What role does Supra play in supporting Bitcoin Layer-2 dApps?

-Offering oracles and verifiable randomness services


Mission 51:

What is the recommended approach when reaching out to potential projects?

-Contacting projects politely via professional platforms like Linkedln, Telegram, Discord, etc

What is the primary purpose of Supra Affiliates?

-To reward Supra’s community for contributing to the Supra ecosystem’s growth

How can individuals earn bounties worth $1,500 through Supra Affiliates?

-By referring projects to use Supra’s oracle price feeds and dVRF services via SNAP


Mission 52:

Which blockchains can affiliates look to for referring dApps to use Supra’s services?

-Any major blockchain mainnet where Supra’s services are live

Which early integration program allows affiliates to earn $1,500 for every project referred to use Supra’s services?

-Supra Network Activate Program (SNAP)

What kind of dApps can use Supra’s services today?

-Any dApp that needs oracle price feeds or verifiable randomness across 80+ chains


Mission 53:

How does Supra make it easier and simpler for developers to build Web3?

-By simplifying the process of building enhanced dApps with a vertically integrated Layer-1

What term is used to describe Supra’s approach to bringing all developer tools onto a single platform?

-Vertical integration

What does Supra mean by a fully vertically integrated Layer-1?

-A Layer-1 blockchain with essential developer tools and services integrated natively


Mission 54:

What role does Supra’s MultiVM compatibility play in the development of Super dApps?

-It opens the door for builders to join Supra from across all Web3 ecosystems

What distinguishes Super dApps from traditional decentralized applications?

-They are built on Supra’s fully vertically integrated Layer-1 blockchain

What is a key advantage of Supra’s fully vertically integrated Layer-1 blockchain for developers?

-Lightning-fast speeds, unparalleled security, and multiple oracle services built into Supra itself


Mission 55:

What does MultiVM support allow developers to do on Supra’s Layer-1?

-Run multiple VMs environments across clans

How does the MultiVM support benefit builders from various ecosystems?

-By allowing them to build without language or VM constraints

What is the purpose of execution sharding in Supra’s network?

-To handle different operations across various clans simultaneously


Mission 56:

How do dApps benefit from Supra’s native integration of their oracle protocol and its data feeds into Supra’s Layer-1 chain?

-Provides real-time data in every block

In the Tribes and Clans network model, what are different clans responsible for?

-Handling different operations like oracle data feeds and smart contracts

What is one of the key impacts of having data in every block for a DeFi dApp?

-Real-time responsiveness and precision


Mission 57:

How do Supra Containers enhance the efficiency of dApp operations?

-By bundling all necessary smart contracts and protocols into one cohesive unit

What is one of the key features of Supra Containers?

-They bundle all necessary smart contracts into one cohesive unit

What is one of the main advantages of Supra Containers for dApp developers?

-They allow developers to set their own governance rules and transaction fees

Mission 58:

How does Supra’s Tribes and Clans design contribute to parallel execution?

- By sharding the node network into sub-committees called Clans

How does Supra’s Tribes and Clans design contribute to parallel execution?

- By sharding the node network into sub-committees called Clans

What is the role of the Partial Execution algorithm in Supra’s parallel execution strategy?

-It optimizes how transactions are ordered, speeding up parallel execution