$ 211.93B
Market Cap
$ 6.77B
24h Volume
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Hcash [HC]

Rank: 76
$ 1.89
Ƀ 0.000295
Ξ 0.00938

A decentralised and cross-platform cryptocurrency. Designed to facilitate the exchange of information between blockchains and non-blockchain networks.

Market Cap

$ 82,464,113
Ƀ 12,835
ATH:  $ 1,865,041,533 

24h Trade Volume

$ 8,910,943
Ƀ 1,387
4,703,760 HC


43,529,781 HC
43,529,781 HC
84,000,000 HC

ATH Price

$ 42.85 
Ƀ 0.00988 
Ξ 0.0947 
Date:  27th Aug 2017
From ATH:  -95.58%

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What is Hcash

Hcash is Australia's first public blockchain project to have successfully launched an ICO (as Hshare), which took place in July 2017. Now it is actively traded on multiple exchanges and has received overwhelming support and acceptance from blockchain enthusiasts and professionals all over the world for its innovation and practicality.

Hcash was born to overcome current limits of existing blockchain technology through its ability to link different blockchain systems. In simple terms, it will allow for transactions of both data as well as value (money) to occur between systems that currently cannot readily exchange both with ease. By bridging the limits between different blockchains and securing information through encryption, we believe Hcash brings forth greater room for growth and opportunity.

Hcash is utilizing technical innovation from the Hyperchain technology company who has partnered with Monash University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University to develop its technology including: Zero Knowledge Proof technology and our Proof of Work and Proof of Stake model. Additionally, Hcash has partnered with four leading quantum computing and cryptography experts who are actively working on implementing quantum resistant technology in Hcash.

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