Market Cap
$ 281.43B
24h Spot Volume
$ 6.94B
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Emotiq [EMTQ]
Token: Ethereum
Blockchain infrastructure
Ended 31 Dec
$ 39,000,000
Not Rated
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A next-generation blockchain with powerful scalability and privacy

Emotiq EMTQ Private/Pre-sale Review

Private/Pre-sale is ended: 15 Jul — 31 Dec 2018

Private/Pre-sale price

$ 0.130


$ 11,800,000

Hard Cap

$ 39,000,000

Token issue

Within 30-60 days after TGE.

Min/Max personal Cap

100000 USD / TBA

Emotiq ICO will be conducted.

ETH currencies was accepted.

The project raised $ 11,800,000 out of $ 39,000,000.

Token economics

Total Hard Cap

$ 39,000,000

Total Raised

$ 11,800,000

Token allocation

Total supply:

Investment info



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About ICO Emotiq

Amount to sell and price

Seed: $2m at $0.0133 for 15% of the tokens

1st round: $10m at $0.07 for 14% of the tokens

2nd round(now): $10m at $0.10 for 10% of the tokens

3rd round: $9m at $0.13 for 7% of the tokens

4th round: $8m at 0.15 for 5.25% of the tokens

13.75% either for selling or promo.

35% held for team

We can tentatively say the confirmed tokens to be sold will be $39m for 51.25% of tokens.

Emotiq implements Proof-of-Stake consensus using OmniLedger to achieve horizontal scalability through sharding with a magnitude for transaction throughput to reach over 1000000+ TPS

Non-interactive zero-knowledge Bulletproofs ensures all confidential financial information remains private and confidence in the integrity of Emotiq’s blockchain remains high.

Emotiq introduces Ring, a natural English smart contracting language that allows nonprogrammers to easily create, read, and write smart contracts to unlock the full potential of blockchain