$ 134.27B
Market Cap
$ 15.05B
24h Volume
BTC Dominance
Aeternity [AE]
Rank: 50
Token: Ethereum
Blockchain infrastructure
$ 0.424
Ƀ 0.000108
Ξ 0.00298

A scalable blockchain platform that enables high-speed transacting, purely-functional smart contracts, and decentralized oracles

Market Cap

$ 98,901,459
Ƀ 25,279
ATH:  $ 1,382,419,116 

24h Trade Volume

$ 52,374,033
Ƀ 13,387
AE 123,397,795


AE 233,020,472
AE 273,685,830

ATH Price

$ 5.93 
Ƀ 0.000627 
Ξ 0.0122 
Date:  29th Apr 2018
From ATH:  -92.8%

Aeternity Price Chart

Aeternity price Index provides the latest AE price in US Dollars, BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.

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Aeternity Performance USD

PeriodChangeChange (%)HighLow
24H-$ 0.0121-2.78%$ 0.455$ 0.420
7D$ 0.03318.46%$ 0.455$ 0.376
1M-$ 0.000186-0.04%$ 0.455$ 0.356
3M-$ 0.233-35.4%$ 0.659$ 0.314
6M-$ 0.523-55.2%$ 2.40$ 0.314
1Y-$ 2.11-83.2%$ 5.86$ 0.314
YTD$ 0.03258.29%$ 0.526$ 0.353

Aeternity Price % Annual Change


What is Aeternity

Founded in 2016, æternity is an open-source, blockchain-based distributed computing platform that builds on decentralized cryptographic P2P technology. Designed to deliver unmatched productivity, transparent governance, and global scalability, æternity offers blockchain technology with a consensus mechanism that is as efficient and cost-effective as possible. æternity's unique state channel design enables the off-chain verification of data and smart contracts, allowing for all transactions to be independent of each other, thereby increasing transaction speed and scalability while also ensuring increased privacy. æternity’s underlying value token is the AE token, which can be transferred between members and is used to compensate participant nodes for any number of computations performed. All AE token users are allowed to participate in the governance of the aeternity blockchain through a voting process, weighted by the number of tokens each user holds.