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A blockchain innovation ecosystem, with a community-driven Seed Stage Fund, Decentralized Incubator and Launchpad.
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$ 47,538,840
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$ 110,534,250
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SFUND 43,022,607
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(29 Nov 2021)
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Информация о курсе на сегодня

Seedify operates as a launchpad for blockchain games and gamers. It aims to capitalize on the developing play-to-earn market by providing a platform for developers to launch their projects through curated Initial Game Offerings (IGOs).

The gaming industry has seen rapid growth in recent years, and crucially, blockchain-based games have risen in popularity with their additional NFT functionality across 2021. In light of this, Seedify Fund was created in January 2021 and aims to offer blockchain-based gaming projects an efficient platform for hosting IGOs in order to reach fundraising goals. It also provides support for marketing and community building.

SFUND is the Seedify. fund ecosystems own native cryptocurrency. It is a BEP20 asset that users can use for staking, investing, as well as for earning rewards on the platform.

What are’s key features and how does it work?

Projects being funded on the the Seedify platform are selected via Seedify’s DAO. The DAO governs its ecosystem and moderates community activities. SFUND holders can take part in votes via permissionless smart contracts. Decisions including projects to fund, roadmap choices, and other business decisions are made using the DAO.

Each project receiving funding receives 75,000 tokens from Seedify in return for 3% of the project’s own tokens. 

Users must complete several steps in order to take part in IGOs on Seedify. This involves first completing a KYC with Blockpass. Successful applicants must also hold SFUND in order to take part. The platform operates a tier system whereby the more SFUND held, the more pool weight is allocated. 

Additionally, since Seedify’s launch of Staking and Farming pools, it is compulsory for holders to stake their tokens. SFUND must be staked until 24 hours before an IGO in order to be considered. This is because whitelist snapshots are taken 24 before the IGO. The longer SFUND is locked in a pool, the higher the APY.

What is noteworthy about SFUND?

Unlike many other blockchain projects, that tend to use inflationary systems in order to remain sustainable, Seedify avoids inflation by rewarding from other projects as the platform’s staking rewards. This solves the potential issues of long-term dilution

Where can you buy SFUND?

SFUND is available for trading on the following CEXs and DEXs listed here. The most popular platforms with the highest liquidity are KuCoin, Pancake Swap, and

The price of SFUND will vary depending on the choice of exchange and overall market conditions. For up-to-date and historic data for SFUND market price, please view the price charts on this page.

Курс на сегодня - $ 1.10 упал до -0.71% за последние 24 часа.

Максимальный курс достиг $ 16.88 - 29 нояб. 2021. По сравнению с максимальным курсом текущая цена упала на -93.5%.

В текущем обращении находится 43.02 Миллиона SFUND, а максимальное предложение токенов 100.00 Миллиона.

Рыночная капитализация составляет $ 47.54 Миллионов с суточным объемом торгов за последние 24 часа $ 2.45 Миллиона.

Более детальную информацию о покупке и продаже вы можете найти на официальном сайте и на блок эксплорере.

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