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Курс Globe Derivative Exchange

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О Globe Derivative Exchange

Globe is a crypto derivatives exchange where institutions and consumers transact digital currencies like bitcoin via perpetual futures contracts.
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График курса Globe Derivative Exchange
График курса Globe Derivative Exchange к доллару США позволяет пользователям мгновенно отслеживать рыночные изменения и предсказывать будущую динамику.
GDT Статистика
$ 1,839,873
Ƀ 108.45
$ 26,282,308
ATH Капитализ.
$ 64,607,866
Объём торгов за 24ч
$ 112,980
Ƀ 6.66
GDT 28,000,000
GDT 400,000,000
Максимальная цена (ATH)
$ 2.31
(12 May 2021)
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IDO Раунд завершен: 12 May — 12 May 2021
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Цена IDO
$ 1.00
Средств собрано
$ 2,000,000
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Динамика Globe Derivative Exchange к доллару США

24H-$ 0.000102-0.15%$ 0.066$ 0.0655
7D-$ 0.00263-3.84%$ 0.0687$ 0.0654
14D-$ 0.00378-5.44%$ 0.0746$ 0.0654
1M-$ 0.0196-22.9%$ 0.0894$ 0.0654
3M-$ 0.0497-43%$ 0.116$ 0.0654
6M-$ 0.160-70.9%$ 0.253$ 0.0654
YTD-$ 0.147-69.1%$ 0.255$ 0.0654
1Y-$ 0.239-78.4%$ 0.305$ 0.0654
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Globe Derivative Exchange Markets

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Информация о курсе Globe Derivative Exchange на сегодня

Globe is a crypto derivatives exchange where institutions and consumers transact digital currencies like bitcoin via perpetual futures contracts.

Perpetual futures are a derivative product that tracks the underlying index price. They’re in high demand as they enable hedging and risk management, short exposure and trading with leverage.

Globe infrastructure


  • First ultra low latency crypto derivatives exchange: faster than NASDAQ
  • First VIX futures
  • First pure websocket API with order entry
  • Unique exchange architecture to deliver smooth, performant trading experience when markets are moving
  • All new risk engine to prevent events like March 12 2020
  • Exciting roadmap of Globe Firsts: prediction market futures, new index perpetuals, options, traditional assets & more
  • Pioneering research on crypto trend following orderbook modelling and more

Crypto-native or traditional, Globe aligns with all market makers

  • Rich & stable API
  • 60ms Stable Websocket
  • DMM (Designated Market Maker) Programmes
  • Zero-friction integration

The lag-free exchange

  • Globe has a unique exchange architecture to tackle this
  • Matching and risk engines run in colocation on high frequency trading hardware
  • This allows for the entire orderbook to be kept in L3 cache at all times and nanosecond latencies between services yielding faster-than-NASDAQ message processing rates to avoid overloads
  • Globe also benefits from the huge expense invested into fast connections between major financial data centers like London (LD4) and Tokyo, meaning that Globe can offer superior global lag characteristics and throughput to previous generation exchanges

Курс Globe Derivative Exchange на сегодня - $ 0.0657 упал до -0.15% за последние 24 часа.

Максимальный курс Globe Derivative Exchange достиг $ 2.31 - 12 май 2021. По сравнению с максимальным курсом текущая цена Globe Derivative Exchange упала на -97.2%.

В текущем обращении находится 28.00 Миллионов GDT, а максимальное предложение токенов 400.00 Миллиона.

Рыночная капитализация Globe Derivative Exchange составляет $ 1.84 Миллион с суточным объемом торгов за последние 24 часа $ 112.98 Тысячи.

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