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Cryptorank BCUBE
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Marketplace of AI-driven crypto trading bots which allows traders connecting to their favorite exchanges and start trading on auto-pilot.
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График курса
График курса к доллару США позволяет пользователям мгновенно отслеживать рыночные изменения и предсказывать будущую динамику.
BCUBE Статистика
$ 1,313,912
Ƀ 77.19
$ 3,253,860
ATH Капитализ.
$ 11,634,427
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$ 146.13
Ƀ 0.00858
BCUBE 20,177,510
BCUBE 49,708,662
Максимальное предложение
BCUBE 50,000,000
Максимальная цена (ATH)
$ 0.577
(13 Nov 2021)
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Token Sale

IDO Раунд завершен: 30 May — 30 May 2021
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Цена IDO
$ 0.200
Средств собрано
$ 250,000
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Динамика к доллару США

24H$ 0.000555+0.86%$ 0.0656$ 0.0643
7D$ 0.00788+13.8%$ 0.0708$ 0.0538
14D$ 0.00782+13.6%$ 0.0708$ 0.0496
1M-$ 0.0311-32.3%$ 0.111$ 0.0496
3M-$ 0.000686-1.04%$ 0.161$ 0.0496
6M-$ 0.00849-11.5%$ 0.161$ 0.0274
YTD-$ 0.154-70.3%$ 0.274$ 0.0274
1Y-$ 0.213-76.6%$ 0.343$ 0.0274
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Информация о курсе на сегодня

The BCUBE token is the fuel of our ecosystem for gaining access to free trading signals, bots, education courses, and various other benefits by staking the required number of BCUBE tokens. It can also be used as a means of payment with a discount for bots in addition to the free bots offered by the staking benefits (please refer to “Staking Program” on page 28). Our platform will also be accessible via payment in FIAT currencies, but that payment made in FIAT currencies will be immediately converted to BCUBE tokens by the team. See “Token sale details” on page 25 for a more in-depth description.

More specifically, the BCUBE tokens can be used for:

  • Payment: buying the trading signals, bots & educational courses available on the marketplace or any other future product or service (in addition to the free usage of trading signals, bots & educational content available in the staking benefits). Fiat payment will be allowed, but those payments will be immediately converted to BCUBE tokens by the team.
  • Staking: the tokens locked for a given period will grant access to the different levels of privileges (see “staking program” for all the details). Tokens can be unlocked at any time by the users.
  • Holding: get more privileges than with simple staking by holding for a longer period of time. The longer your stake, the more benefits you get, such as gaining priority access to all the products & services and free third-party bots that will be decided later.
  • Referral: if your friends or family buy any products or services on our platform using your referral link, then you will be paid a 10% commission on the total amount of their transactions in BCUBE tokens.
  • Update & Evolution: There are many more things in the pipeline for the BCUBE project in the future that are not listed in the roadmap. BCUBE tokens will be the only way to access those products & services

Future platform

We are developing a major evolution of our existing platform to provide a vast panel of strategies based on AI/ML, allowing everyone to build their custom bots based on our layer of already working strategies and propose innovative solutions for the emerging DeFI space. This platform will be a global community, marketplace, and educational center for cryptocurrency traders, whether experienced or newcomers. Our platform will be a complete ecosystem for traders who will have all the necessary tools and information on a single platform to trade and maximize their profits while minimizing their risks successfully.

Crypto Trading Signals

Our marketplace will provide a selection of first-class crypto trading signals, where we publish our in-house trading signals, as well as trading signals coming from third-party providers. Quality matters to us more than quantity: we will publish only premium quality signals with proven track records. The providers get paid for every user subscribing to their trading signals.

Crypto Trading Bots

Many don't have the required time, patience, and experience needed to execute every single trading signal. For that purpose, we propose crypto trading bots that automatically execute the same trading signals and can be customized according to the users' risk and reward profile. Just select your bot based on the track records, connect it to your favorite exchange with the API keys (for CEX) or you wallet (for DEX) and start trading on autopilot. We propose our in-house AI-driven bots and third-party bots proposed by the best crypto quants, emphasizing quality over quantity.

Social Copy Trading

You can copy trade through our marketplace of crypto trading signals and bots, either using our in-house trading signals and bots or using premium third-party providers. It can also be through our "Build your own AI/ML bots" feature, where users can decide to publish the bots they have built and get paid when other users copy trade them.

Portfolio Management

Monitor your complete portfolio spread over the centralized exchanges (CEX) as well as in your decentralized wallets (DEX), from one single interface with a clean UI/UX. You will be able to track the balances and PnL of your global portfolio with details per exchange and a complete historical graph to see your portfolio's evolution over time.

Crypto Community

We believe that we are stronger together than we are alone. This principle applies to trading too. We will grow our existing community of 2000+ by providing tools to interact, directly from the platform or through Telegram, with other fellow crypto traders. 

Курс на сегодня - $ 0.0651 повысился до +0.86% за последние 24 часа.

Максимальный курс достиг $ 0.577 - 13 нояб. 2021. По сравнению с максимальным курсом текущая цена упала на -88.7%.

В текущем обращении находится 20.18 Миллиона BCUBE, а максимальное предложение токенов 50.00 Миллиона.

Рыночная капитализация составляет $ 1.31 Миллион с суточным объемом торгов за последние 24 часа $ 146.13.

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